Since the trip, we’ve been hard at work putting together a film that captures the extraordinary journey we took through Guatemala and short videos of Costa Rica, to give you a taste of the experience.

Additionally, we have two upcoming opportunities for you that we just can’t wait to share. On October 10th, we will be offering you a Sacred Earth event including a live transmission, focused specifically on deepening our connection to this unfolding dimension of Sacred Earth Work.

Additionally, we will be revealing quite possibly our most exciting offering to date: the Sacred Earth Practitioner Training, which will take place October 12th – October 19th, 2021. 

Join us, October 10th 2021, for this unique and powerful event!

Part 1 (8am – 930am PST)
Introduction & Video Premiere

We will give an overview of the adventures and discoveries we have had. We will also show you some of the most exciting footage we have collected telling the story of clearing, aligning and activating the grid in Central America.

Part 2 (10am – 1130am PST)
Panel Discussion and Q&A

In this session we will invite an authentic Mayan elder and spiritual leader Tzules as well as our archeologist and guide Jose Antonio Gonzalez to share with us their perspectives about Guatemala and the work performed in Guatemala. We will then open up to Q&A from the audience.

Part 3 (12pm – 1pm PST)
Live Channeling & Outlook

In this final session Asil will share a live transmission by the guides about the work and the way forward, the importance of the Sacred Earth work around the world. We will close our day together with sharing with you what you can expect next from Ascension One.

The current timeline of humanity's evolution requires the full capacity of this energetic network of this planet and of this plane, to be fully operational, to be operational at its highest capacity to allow the flow of energy, information, of love, and the correlating life-force to move equally and powerfully.

The entire globe of this Earth will require many individuals to be guardians, supporters, and transmitters.

A new network, delivered through us, implemented by you. A new network established by human consciousness itself for its own Ascension process. A network of energy lines that utilize the existing energy lines to increase the frequencies that are available and accessible by this Earth.

These individuals that will subscribe to this task will be supported by us in their development: their own form of accelerated evolution — this is an extension of the trainings and the courses that have been established so far — pillars of light, expanded to a greater understanding of this physical reality, of energy streams, of frequencies and of increased vibration, vibrational states. Individuals that have subscribed to this path will learn to bring the connection, the altered state of their consciousness, the deep level of their presence to all locations, to all cultures, to all circumstances that they face.

Be sure to join us at this unique day-long event, to support both your own evolution, and the evolution of all who call Earth home.

You will receive in this event:

  • Insights into the energy grid work we have started around the world
  • Why you are key to expanding the work
  • A deeper understanding and appreciation for the energy grid work that is required on this Earth
  • Why the guides delivered a training format for you
  • Incredibly filmed footage about the work, first time premiere
  • Insights from a Mayan elder and our archeologist
  • Q&A on the Sacred Earth Work and Training
  • A transmission by the guides about the Sacred Earth work
  • Video replays of all livestreams will be made available afterwards

October 10th Session Times:
Session 1:  8am – 9:30am Pacific Time
Session 2: 10:00am – 11:30am Pacific Time
Session 3: 12:00pm – 1:00pm Pacific Time

Suggested Donation:
All financial contributions to this event will help us to fund the next Sacred Earth Expeditions and Trainings:
Suggested contribution: $22* / $44 / $88 / $111.

*Any contribution above $22 will be considered a donation.

Journey Snapshots

In July and August, 2021, the guides brought us to the sacred heart of Guatemala and Costa Rica. First, in Guatemala, as we traveled along the footsteps of the Maya for the Sacred Earth Expedition in Guatemala, it became clear that the guides were communicating something important about their mysterious history.

With the beginning of humanity, a seed was planted: a seed of consciousness. Humanity evolved. This seed grew with every action, every contemplation, every thought and emotion. Consciousness that was once seeded continued to expand with every individual that was born into the human form. This seed had now the opportunity to witness life, to witness self-awareness, self-recognition, self-love from many different perspectives.

All emotions, thought patterns, and cycles of learning were embedded into humanity's existence to be part of humanities learning and growth process. Many civilizations developed. Some of these civilizations were supported by beings of more evolved and mature consciousness — beings that wanted to support the acceleration of the growth of this seed. Interventions were allowed; some of these interventions occurred in this region, in this modern-day country.

First, in deep collaboration with higher realms, they were able to flourish, and build societies of great complexity. However, after centuries of growth, evolution, and advancement, this connection to the divine was severed, bringing a period of disenchantment, conflict, and decline.

As it was determined a dependency of great impact was being established, the connections were severed. The directions and given knowledge, the given wisdom, was perceived as complete. The imprint on the entire human consciousness was completed. The impact on the immediate civilization and society was still detrimental to their current existence, yet the benefit to all humanity was delivered. Human consciousness received the evolutionary impulse required to become what it is.
Emmanuel, July 18th, Yaxha, Guatemala

However, we are told that now the times are changing again:

The energies of this country are in a time of awakening, in a time of movement, in a time of re-emergence. Change is palpable and within your reach, yet the change comes from you individually, first. It comes from the opening of your heart, from the healing, the change that you seek outside. You provide for yourself the love that you seek. You forgive yourself first. And you love all the parts of your being that are longing for the love from outside. And through that opening of your heart, the pathways to many possibilities, the pathways to many evolutionary steps, to healing, to growth, to harmony and to peace, to greater balance, will emerge.
Elohim, July 31st, Antigua, Guatemala

And globally:

Many parts of humanity that have become blind will see again, will awake to the truths that humanity has learned, understood, and integrated and realized over time. This time is now, the wisdom of the ancient civilizations, the wisdom of celestial beings, the wisdom of nature, to become accessible to you, reactivated, influencing the very fabric of this reality of this region. Therefore, every step that you make shall be contemplated, every thought and emotion that emerges, reflected upon.
Elohim, July 13th, Guatemala City, Guatemala

And in Costa Rica, we were confronted with the beauty and the raw power of nature itself, and the purity of energy required to fuel the awakening and transformation of humanity across the globe:

This country, this region, this particular place is such an access point of increased life-force, remaining in its purity for thousands of years. Despite the influences of modern civilization, this particular place has kept its original frequency. The connection of the many openings on this plane requires the infusion of this available purity on this Earth. Therefore, connecting this particular site to other sites of significance plays an important role in fueling the entire network of sites with the relevant nourishment. The Earth’s energy itself is still the most significant energy source provided to all of existence on this Earth, provided to humanity.
Elohim, August 15th, Volcan Miravalles, Costa Rica

The reemergence of ancient traditions, the reawakening of ancient spirits, the revitalization of and restoration of energetic networks, and the flow of powerful, pure energy to fuel these networks will contribute to an accelerated evolution for all beings on Earth.

Join us at this event to go deeper into this journey with us, and learn how you can participate in future Expeditions and Sacred Earth Trainings!