How to get the most out of a session with the channel?

Being truly present, with a relaxed mind and the desire to grow, is all you will need.

Something brought you here. A spark of willingness. A desire to grow and learn. Focusing on these is a good start to be truly present in the session. The healing and sharing of wisdom is not enforced. So, firstly, your permission is required for the work to happen. Furthermore, your willingness to receive, learn and grow will create fruitful soil for the effects of the session to unfold.

People have various kinds of experiences during a session. It can be healing of a physical, emotional or mental kind. But you may also experience a profound insight, a spiritual opening, like closing a karmic chapter or readying you for the next chapter in your life.

It is an assistance for you. But it is not taking away the work of resolution from you. So, the self-realization can only happen through you. And you can only come to self-realization through self-inquiry, which is fueled by a powerful spark inside of you: The desire to grow.

Your mind is of course a trusted companion. It supports you greatly in navigating the world. Day in, day out. It is your intermediary between consciousness and the material plane. It also judges and compares current sensations to former experiences. So, to receive a new insight, a new opening, coming to a new realization does not need much comparison with the old. The growth of consciousness challenges existing paradigms and mental constructs. Always. So, knowledge is overrated. And it is recommended to come into the session with a relaxed and open mind.

During the session, many people feel that their mind becomes emptier and quiet. It is a natural stillness that comes with the energy of the channel. Some experience it as an in-between state, between awakened and dream state. In that state, a lot of healing can happen without your mind obstructing it. So, when you arrive at this half-sleepy state, stay in it. If you fall asleep, it is ok, however it is not ideal. If you fall asleep and snore, you will definitely be woken up : )

What kind of questions can be asked to the channeled being during the Q&A?

It is good to let your question emerge during the session, rather than premeditating or making notes beforehand.

We suggest to ask open ended questions and not “yes, no” questions. Many good questions are one sentence long and end with a question mark. Facts, context or the story around your question are most often not necessary for the channel to answer it.

In a big group session, the channeled beings will not answer personal questions directly, e.g. what your purpose is, if you should leave your job, or marry your partner. Prescriptions will not be given. In the grander scheme of things, the question whether to walk path A or path B does not really matter. You will make the right choice. Either with less or with more understanding of its meaning, which it is what the answers can assist you with.

The answers come from a very elevated point of view. If you ask a personal question, the answer will most often provide a broader outlook of what it means for all of humanity. The channel will look at the question from a non-duality perspective. Whatever happens, happens for the growth of human consciousness and will not be judged as good or bad.

They are not going to give you the lottery numbers. People tried to ask before : )

Please stick to one question per person until there is space for more questions. We ask you to pose short questions and not fill this sacred time with long personal stories. We have small group events for these kind of questions/requests.

We have assembled a list of frequently asked questions that have been answered in the past by the channel, and we will publish these additionally to the existing channelings on this website.