How to integrate after an event?

We recommend that you have no other plans on the same day, after the session.

Eat light afterward, rest and sleep – this is also recommended the day after if possible, as your body is catching up with the changes and the potential interventions conducted.

Otherwise, live as you normally would, leaving enough room for simply being with yourself, to connect and work with the experiences from the session.

The effects will slow down after but may last for a few days (almost never more than 7 days). Good hydration and light food, healthy diet are recommended. It is helpful to avoid challenging situations and rest more than usual.

To integrate the healing, insights, and learning, space is needed. A space of quiet, as you experienced it in the session. When everything else quiets down, the things that matter can be heard more easily.

Beyond creating that space, humanity has developed many methods of silencing the mind. All of them can be of assistance in your process of self-inquiry and self-realization. You will naturally choose the one that will work for you. A practice that you follow may even be more powerful than usual, we have heard reports of meditations, prayers to be stronger than ever. The connection to divinity is more open than ever in this time.

We have created a list of potential symptoms and suggested activities for the days after and continued connection with the guides: