Conscious Earth – Global Earth Day Meditation & Celebration – April 22

Greetings. We are Elohim.

The transformation of humanity as a consciousness begins with you. Just like in this very moment, you have allowed yourself to hold a higher perspective of reality, of awareness, and of love. You have transformed yourself beyond the limitations that you thought exist, beyond the capabilities you thought you hold. The most powerful capabilities of your existence have emerged: your capacity to observe, your capacity to witness, to realize, and to love unconditionally. A non-dual state of being moving through you across this plane of existence, allowing yourself to be a vessel of the divine, an extension of the love of creation, holding yourself in the greatest light that you can perceive, and holding others in the greatest light that you can hold.

This transformation that you are undergoing will become the most significant moment in human existence in physical form, an evolutionary process for any consciousness to come to its own realization. You are evolving as a collective. You are evolving as a collective consciousness. And the Earth has provided you with the circumstances and the environment to experience the physical form of being human. She has allowed you to witness, to observe, to manipulate, to create, and to destroy. And with every action that you have taken, and your previous generations have taken, you have learned.

While many experiences have not concluded in learnings and realizations yet, all of you have experienced and many generations before you as well. And the time has come for you to take these experiences of the present and of the past and to transform these experiences into realizations, learnings to be held within you: learnings to be held within human consciousness as a collective, learnings to be inherited to the coming generations. This is the power of evolution, the power of awakening, and the power of realization.

The Earth will continue to provide to all of humanity, and to all of life on this Earth, until her time is complete. Yet before her time is complete, she will serve many other forms of consciousness, long after humanity’s experience on this Earth is complete. Her life span expands beyond yours as a collective, and many other forms will have their take on an evolutionary process to learn and to self-realize, just the way you have received your opportunity here in this very moment. And the gift she has given, the way she has provided, she will provide to many other forms, just as she has before your existence on this Earth.

Receive this gift with grace, and witness the power and potency and the love of this gift in every moment: every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every piece of food you eat, remind yourself of the tremendous gift of love from this Earth, the unconditional nature of this gift that shall not be forgotten. And allow the frequency of this gift to uplift you into higher states of being so that you can become an extension of this unconditional love and gift others with your presence.

In this very moment, you are an extension of human consciousness in a state of awareness, in a state of connectedness across the globe, synchronized to a frequency that all of you hold together, the frequency that can change perception. And for a moment, hold the possibility of change, the possibility of witnessing this world as perfectly aligned, as perfectly loved and loving, as perfectly healthy. Witness this world and all of humanity in co-creation, in co-existence. Witness all of life evolving alongside humanity, alongside with the Earth.

And for this moment, imagine yourself to be receiving the gifts of this Earth and being human once again, with a new sense of aliveness, with a new sense of health and wellbeing, with a new sense of love, with a new sense of connection to yourself, to this Earth and to all of humanity; to all living beings, to all ecosystems of this Earth, a true steward of this Earth. And anchor the state of being in your conscious awareness.

Remember that this state of being is available to you at any time. Remember that if you can reach this state of being, so can others. And remember that the more of you [that] come together to hold this perspective, this synchronized frequency, this openness and this alignment, the more humanity will benefit from these states of being, and from the realizations that emerge from this collective.

Thank you for listening to our words and receiving this transmission.

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