Facing Challenges Livestream – March 28th (Bay Area)

Greetings, I’m Raphael. You have been on this journey far longer than you can imagine. As a soul container incarnating into human form, your soul has experienced many different shapes and forms in material and in non-material existence. The wisdom that lies within you, even in a human incarnation, is limitless. It is rich and full of all the realizations you have gained in various forms.

And, here you are, having chosen a human form, a human life, to expand on the existing knowledge that you have already gathered. The human form is special due to the way it is set up. This planet is special and unique in the way it is set up — to allow for exactly this form to flourish, to grow, and to learn — and to come to realization.

As you continue your journey of self-realization, all other aspects of your soul container will start to become available. Even though exact memories of previous forms and existences don’t particularly matter, the realizations and the wealth of wisdom that was available to you will now be available again. Yet, this is your chance, and your opportunity, to unlock all of that which is within you, one step at a time, with continuous attention, commitment and surrender, continuously desiring and prioritizing your development, your growth and your evolution.

Receive this work with an open heart and an open mind.

Thank you for receiving this work. You will start to see changes in your thought processes, in your emotional reflections, as well as in your energetic and spiritual construct. These adjustments will take time to fully unfold. Yet stay in observation and in reflection. Even the smallest details that change within you will have major impact on the way forward. This is a journey that will take time for all individuals embarking on this endeavor, yet, with assistance of this kind, the journey will be easier and faster. It is our honor and pleasure to deliver this work to you in this unconditional way.

Greetings, I am Emmanuel. During this time of change, you will witness how all that requires to be transformed — outside, as well as inside — will come to the surface. Impact of this kind has transformed humanity before, and it will continue to be a supportive aspect of your evolution. The challenges of nature are an important trigger for evolution to continue. And, as evolution sometimes is gradual, other times it will be accelerated.

Moments like these are an opportunity to take advantage of the energies that are released, the energies that are available through the heightened sensitivity, the heightened attention, and your time of isolation. These waves will allow you to refocus, will allow you to pay attention to the aspects of your inner workings, to be more diligent about how you perceive yourself, how you identify, and which aspects of this identity can be released and completed.

A new identity will form. Stronger, more resilient, more attuned, and understanding that the challenging environmental situation can be utilized for your awakening. Through your awakening, through your strengthening, you become a pillar for all those around you. You become unwavering, stable, and in alignment you provide where others can’t. You refocus your existence to be present and to be of service where you can.

Service without the understanding of self-reliance and self care is service that nurtures a behavior within you; true service will be unconditional, will be effortless and continuously feeding your alignment as well. It is time for you to finally step in — and to finally step up. This evolution, this circumstance is yours, and how you will transform it to become the most important transformational force in your life will be yours to choose.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What do we need to hear from you, right now, that will help us to bridge this gap between hearing your guidance, and applying it? You’re giving us clear, consistent guidance — how do we integrate it so that we can understand what to focus on to dissolve the barriers? How deep into practice do I have to go to truly become a pillar of light and fully embody this wisdom?

The alignment work that you receive, alongside the guidance that you receive, in combination with your attention, commitment and continuous growth will bring forth the results that you seek. This process is partially naturally unfolding, and gradually expanding. You will receive the benefits even if you have no practice, yet adjustments of your lifestyle, adjustments on priorities in your life, continued practice, continued silence, continued restructuring of your energy, will accelerate this process for you. There are many layers of trust and surrender to be discovered on this journey and the more you discover yourself, the more you discover the aspects of yourself that is all of existence, the more you will trust, and the more you will surrender. This is my recommendation for you.

Question #2:
What is it that my partner and I need to know at this time to truly be of service?

You have practiced well, and hard; continuously seeking to bring yourself into the best possible state that you can reach, continuously preparing yourself. For what? You see, the aspects of society and humanity that will arise in the near future will be experiences [that have] never occurred on this plane and human experience — all of your preparation and training for something that humanity has never experienced before. You prepare yourself to be truly present, to be unwavering in the storm, to be a pillar of light in dark times. Your presence and your work will serve more than you can imagine and more than you can understand — at this point, at least. Surrender to the fact that you cannot fully comprehend the importance of the work that you are doing right now. Trust more and continuously fuel the faith that you have set into this universal plan. Thank you for receiving this message.

Question #3:
Can you share how, and if, the current known structures, like government and financial structures, will change due to this current situation? Are the new structures already existing, or is it meant for us to create those moving forward as a collective human race?

Changes of your environment of this kind will inevitably destroy existing structures that are rigid and based on an understanding of the past. New structures will have to be established and created by humanity itself. The new structures will be based on values and principles that arise from the changes of the current times: Being present to what are the requirements of this current society. Being present to what are the requirements of the next generation. Understanding that change is now faster than ever. Being flexible in your adjustments in what you believe to be true.

All of these realizations will support the establishment of new structures. All structures are deemed to change. Life itself is in constant change. Your consciousness is in constant change. Nature is in constant change. New structures must be equally evolving. And, just like in nature, you must be willing to let go of what does not serve any more, [and] of what does not withstand the storm. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Why is it now that there is a rise in people developing food intolerances that previously didn’t exist?

Everything on this planet is influenced by your actions, including the production of food. Even all the plants that grow on the lands that you use have been influenced by all that is misaligned in human consciousness. Priorities have been set for the maximization of profit, the maximization of results, the maximization of the land.

With these priorities, the quality and the frequency of the foods delivered from nature are in lower grade than they used to be. Alongside, the lifestyle of the individual has lost its connection with nature itself. This disconnect from the mother that provides for you will create for more misalignments inside. Continuous reconnection, continuous purification, continuous realignment in your system, will assist you to find this connection again and to address the intolerances that are being developed in your system. The intolerance itself is a message from your body that is the representation of nature for you, to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What should people currently today in positions of power and leadership be considering given the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic?

All people in power and influence will be shaken, as the structure is upon which that power has been built are shaken as well. The trust in leadership will be tested in moments like these. If the structures that they have established for themselves to become of influence and of power are established on principles and values that serve humanity, then they will withstand, and they will continue their service. They will continue to adjust to the needs that arise.

The position of power and the position of influence is not granted, and is not guaranteed. It will only last as long as the circumstances support this position. A deep inner reflection is required: In which way have I been serving myself, rather than those that have entrusted me to serve them? This question, every [person in a] position in power and influence must reflect on and adjust accordingly; to rebuild their trust in themselves so that others can rebuild that trust in them. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Erica asks: If COVID-19 has a vibratory frequency, is there also a corresponding frequency that can disintegrate it? What is that frequency?

Everything in existence carries a certain frequency at which it operates. This spectrum of frequency is its ability to operate within. This virus, as well as other viruses and other living beings, operate within certain frequency, a frequency of their existence, a frequency at which they can continue to exist. If the individual’s frequency is truly continuously heightened and increased, the frequency at which this virus requires to operate will not be able to sustain itself. Understanding that all activities that you do and to increase your frequency will also make you stronger to all potential threats of your environment.

Frequency of sound, and the frequency of light and frequency of invisible and inaudible types can support your immune system, your health, and the strength at which you can face all challenges arising. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
In the absence of inner certainty, what could help raise my faith and keep my commitment to practice, without interference of the mind?

The mind and the heart will continuously interfere. They will require your attention, your undivided attention, as they have been used to continuously being the ones driving your existence. Your practice comes from a deeper place of your being. Your desire to expand, to connect, and to become the best version of yourself is a driving force of your soul, of your consciousness. Strengthen your connection to a deeper underlying will to expand and to grow, a will that is deeper than your mind and your heart. Nourish that part of you that knows that you are meant to stay, you are meant to become a powerful version of yourself, a continuous source of love and light for all those around you. And, as you feed this part of you, you will see that neither the mind nor the heart will be able to resist, and eventually subside in their seeking of attention. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
I have a tendency of automatically going into my survival-strategy of overworking and pushing through in response to my ego and fear. How do I continue to stay grounded in my practices and in connection with what’s actually good for my body and soul?

What you consider to be survival instinct is rather a trained and conditioned aspect of your mind: an emotion that triggers something that is intrinsic to the human form — a true survival instinct. This “make-believe” survival instinct requires to be understood and observed. My recommendation to you is to truly spend time in understanding and observing this aspect of yourself that truly believes that survival is at stake.

Open up to the emotions and the memories where survival was at stake for you. Understand all these moments in your life, and maybe in past lives. Embrace that these moments were difficult, chaotic, and maybe your life was truly in danger. Yet, here you are having survived and having embraced life, continuing to breathe and continuing to love. As you observe these aspects of the past, a survival instinct that is triggered will start to release its grip on you. With that, you will start to operate more from a place of presence and from a place of love. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Are religions serving their purpose? Will a day come where people come to a realization of oneness, no matter what their religion is?

The intention and the original intent of religions was pure. It was in order to serve humanity and all those that followed. Over time, the extent of power and influence changed. The operations, and the rational mind became the forefront priority of some of these organizations, and with these shifting priorities, their service became less relevant to the expansion of consciousness.

Yet also, all religions will transform in the face of challenge. Some of them will crumble, some of them will revive in a newly formed shape. Humanity will truly understand its oneness, its connection as one consciousness. Ideologies and philosophies of unity will start to emerge in a stronger way. Actions will follow. The answer to your question is “Yes.” Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
You’ve said that Ascension is a transformation into a non-physical form. What’s the difference or distinction between Ascension and death?

Death is designed to be a transformation in the human form: to purify, to reassess, to finalize realizations, and to return into the human form. Some individuals will complete their experience in human form upon death. Some individuals will return to continue the learnings and the realizations.

The Ascension process is an entirely different experience: the ending of the physical form in order to start an entirely new form of existence; a form of existence that will become your new understanding of yourself, your new understanding of unity, an expression of unity as a consciousness. Operating at much higher frequencies than you currently are, you will be able to reach other planes much easier, and other planes of existence will be able to reach you much easier. The details of the distinction will be hard to fully understand as the moments of a death experience are often forgotten, and the moments of the Ascension experience are to be expected in the future. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Many people speculate about conspiracies of different kinds, referencing even Satanic rituals or other horrible stuff, supposedly run by people in positions of power. Is any of this real or is it totally made up? And, if there is truth to it, how are dark forces related to things like the current COVID-19 outbreak, and, more generally, how should you suggest we deal with these dark or evil dimensions of reality?

As humans and individuals evolve, they’re able to reach higher levels and lower levels of consciousness, far away from human existence. Even though human existence is protected from interventions of outside forces, individuals can open the pathways for this connection to happen. Similar to the connection that we have right now with you through this host, similar to the benevolent work that we are providing, other work of different agendas can be operated on, on this plane.

Individuals in power, [of] influence, have sometimes made use of connections to stay in power, to continue their exploration of priorities, their exploration of consciousness. While we are not here to judge all that is happening in human existence, there are pathways and there are interventions that we provide if we perceive that a certain opening or a certain action does not serve the evolution of mankind in its best possible way. Especially in times that are currently evolving fast, where change is relevant and truly the only way for humanity to be prepared, our interventions will increase in intervals and in frequency. We will provide support where necessary.

Light and dark continuously exist on this plane, and while dark is understood as a negative and destructive force in your perception and in your judgments, we see it as an opportunity to grow and to learn. This plane of existence operates continuously with the impulse of challenge. Therefore, not all dark and not all destruction is negative. Yet the right amount is what constitutes allowing growth to happen. An over-destructive force challenges life and existence of human form entirely. This is not acceptable in this form that is provided to you, and adjustments will be made to support the continuation of life until the Ascension process is complete. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Leyna asks: Why is it that so many people struggle with insomnia? What are the spiritual and energy body aspects at play? How can I help people to restore alignment within their systems of resting and digesting?

Insomnia is the inability for the body to enable its function of rest. The mind and the heart, overactive; fueled by anxiety and often fear, a fear that has not been addressed, observed or expressed, an anxiety that has formed out of the fear, continuously requesting to be listened to, to be observed, and to be understood. The potential that you have is to support individuals in their journey inward in a safe way.

Once these emotions, and the underlying root causes for the thoughts, for the anxiety that arises, are addressed, the mind will find its ability again to get into restful states, into states of trust, and faith of existence. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work. Thank you for becoming the individual that you choose to become: a powerful being in human form, willing and ready to grow, to evolve, and to serve.

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