Foundation Level – Last chance to Pre-register

Foundation Level – Last chance to Pre-register

It is our true pleasure to invite you one last time to our Foundation Level course that is starting in November.

Pre-registration closes on October 25th, 2021 by midnight Pacific Time.

This training course is established for those of taking either the “Pillars of Light” path, or the “Sacred Earth Practitioners” path. The course we once called Basecamp is now embedded within this Foundation Level training course.

  • Sacred Earth Path: It is the natural next step after Sacred Earth Practitioners: Activation Level, in case you have just now completed that.
  • Pillars of Light Path: It is also the natural next step for those planning to expand on the Pillars of Light journey.
  • Refreshing Basecamp: It is also a perfect way for those that have done Basecamp in the past and want to refresh, reset, and deepen in this completely revamped course, with a fresh new cohort and perspective.
  • Newcomer: Foundation Level is also open for newcomers to enter the universe of Ascension One.

For all those that are registering, we will check in with Emmanuel to see if the guides indicate that it is the right time for you to take this course as soon as we get your registration. We will let you know before October 25th, and, if the answer is “yes” you will get a sign up link.

Additionally, this course is now entirely donation-based, so we can serve you, and you can be supported, no matter the economic circumstances are that you in.


“Foundation Level” is a mandatory step for all of those that want to advance with Ascension One and the guides that are providing these adjustments and evolution processes. There is an application process and Emmanuel will approve all applications (in order to be considered in the application process please pre-register in the link below) individually.

Some of you have taken “Advanced Course Level 1: Basecamp” in the past, and wonder if you are required to do this course and how different this is from “Basecamp”. If you are wanting to expand your perspective and capabilities and want to continue on the “Sacred Earth Practitioner” path or refresh your understanding of “Pillars of Light” from a new foundation, new meditations, new transmissions etc. this is your opportunity to expand on what you have experienced with Basecamp.

We are also answering many frequently asked questions on our detailed landing page for this training course. If you have any more questions, let us know.

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