This new branch of the work will encompass both the Sacred Site work that we do, as well as to encourage a deeper reverence for the sacredness of our bond with the Earth.

During the Sacred Earth transmission and Q&A, we will explore:

  • How one cares for the Earth once the Earth’s consciousness and existence is understood from a higher consciousness perspective.
  • Why the alignment of the Earth directly correlates to the consciousness evolution of humanity.
  • Why the Earth’s well-being and alignment correlates to our well-being and alignment as a human collective and vice versa.
  • How deep our bond with this Earth is energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Why this Earth is so sacred and how humanity’s consciousness evolution will be key being one with the Earth itself.

During the Sacred Earth transmission and Q&A, you will feel:

  • More connected to the human collective’s impact on Earth
  • More in harmony with Earth’s consciousness
  • More inspired to deepen your relationship with the Earth as a consciousness
  • More energetically balanced and aligned in a way to receive from the Earth freely and fully.

As we reach deeper levels of awakening and realization, we come to recognize the importance of making choices that benefit not just ourselves, but also other humans and our shared home.

As more and more of us awaken to our true nature as a human collective, and as consciousness itself, we will begin to recognize the imperative that we come together as a collective to bring harmony to all that we touch here on Earth.


SESSION 1: 9am – 11am Pacific Time

During Session 1, Asil will embody first the guides Elohim, who will offer wisdom on the topic of our sacred relationship with Earth, and an energetic alignment to support the awareness of this relationship.

Then, Asil will embody the guide Emmanuel, who will offer additional wisdom on the topic of our sacred relationship with Earth, and answer questions submitted by attendees.

SESSION 2: 11:30am – 12:30pm Pacific Time

During Session 2, The team will share:

  • reflections on the days channeling
  • the significance of cultivating a sacred relationship with Earth
  • how and why their journey to sacred sites has impacted their relationship with the Earth
  • how you as a community member can participate in this global work.

Emmanuel’s reflections on the event

The sacredness, the reverence that is to be held for this Earth and for all that it provides, and the wisdom that has been gathered, established, and manifested on this Earth by humans, as well as by other beings of this planet and plane, as well of other civilizations, will re-emerge. A deeper understanding will be infused into human consciousness. A deeper love for this material reality will come to be.

This deeper understanding and deeper love will infuse many other movements as well. It will provide an increase in conscious understanding of this environment, in conscious understanding of the energetics, the energy flows, as well as the impact that this Earth has on a single individual, as well as entire societies, as well as the nature around.

Without this level of understanding and conscious awareness, humanity will operate blindly on this plane.

The level of impact that humanity has on this planet is beyond its privilege to operate blindly. It is time for greater conscious awareness, in conscious operation, conscious choices, that benefit all of humanity.

The transmission that will be delivered on Earth Day will encompass … the bond that humanity holds with this planet, the importance of this planet until the completion of the cycle, of utilizing this planet to enable the human form.