Solo Channeling Session – 30th May 2017

Solo Channeling Session – 30th May 2017

Thank you for having us again, thank you giving me the honor of using your vessel to express our opinions and our plans.  

My name is Emmanuel. I am pleased to be here with you, and we have invited many others to be part of this. Some of them may take over here during the session with you. And some of which will just listen in.  

First of all, we want to acknowledge how far you have come in terms of your energetic and spiritual capacity to hold this type of vibration for a prolonged amount of time. It requires lot of human energy. We support you in this, nonetheless it is taxing, we acknowledge that and we thank you for your service.

My name is Elohim. El la him. You are one of the few that I speak to and through. Thank you for doing your work and for us to have the opportunity to talk. We are not here to stress the urgency or difficulties that you have created as the human race. There is no separation for us. It is so clear and obvious to most of you, to the point where your effect on the rest of life on the planet will be detrimental. While you have a right to live on this planet and experience what it means to be human, you don’t carry the right to destroy your school.  

We are here to talk about other matters, that are connected to what you are doing as human race.  

We wish we could communicate these things to you via pictures or sheer energy of it, we do hope that in the delivery of this you shall feel the energy of it.  

We cannot tell you what to do and how to act, but we will support the ones that are called to do something for humanity that is from their own choosing and creation, and we will support that. Rather than it being our idea. We are happy to provide seeds of thought. But we will be careful to tell you what to do, that will take away your human right of choice. 

So, the matters to talk about today are our love for the human race, our love for the planet earth. Let’s start, more spirits will join, participants will join throughout the meeting. My name is Elohim and you have given me many other names. Many of you connect to me through your prayers, and songs. And I am not one, though many. My realm has many voices that are equal, yet have decided to focus that voice through what you call Elohim. So, we have used that terminology of yours.  

You see, we are one of the many voices that care about the human race, humanity, your existence. But we are honored to share our perspectives. There are many of you that are awakening. With awakening we mean, those of you that are feeling a calling outside of their standard reality, or the standard reality that was handed down to them by their parents and their parents. There is something calling you outside of that. And that calling is strong. It is electrifying, powerful, its beautiful and it is pure. We call that the calling of the creator. We all listen and adhere to that calling. More of you are waking up to that calling, that drive is the turning point in your existence on this planet. When you start hearing that, it means you are ready to grow out of your cocoon – The protective shield that is around you, so you could experience and do as you pleased. The one that have started hearing that calling, do not exactly know where it comes from and what it is. And sometimes it will be disguised as a beautiful call from another world, it is in everything that is around you, you see. But only for those that are ready to hear that calling, it will appear.  

It is the divine awakening of your kind. It is the awakening that is not part of any religion or organization but rather a gift of the universe, the gift of creation, your right to breathe, your right to evolve. This gift of creation, once you hear it, once you hear that calling, it will be hard for you not to hear it anymore. It will be always present with you, no matter where you look, no matter who you interact with, no matter how you see nature, it will have a different voice and impact on you.  

So, because there is so many of you, starting to feel that calling, I will make more appearances like this. It seems that it is the right response to the calling that you have, as well as the situation that you find yourselves in as humanity. Maybe my voice and the voice of the others that care, could give you a perspective of love and understanding. And more of that maybe you could see yourselves, from our point of view. There is a certain way humans think, not because you were educated in that way, but rather the way you were built, biologically, you see. Education is a layer on top of that, society is a layer on top of that. And this way of thinking is the right way of thinking in a three-dimensional world, with nature and natural ecosystem, to live in. So that is the brain that you have developed, that is the brain that has been gifted to you and the mind operates like that. In order for the mind to relax and open up, it has to feel safe. That is part of the ecosystems that allow humans to continue living and reproducing. Feeling safe is a key aspect of that, and therefore any conversation we have about higher realms, and higher purpose requires a minimum of energetic, emotional, physical safety, so that the mind can open and receive.  

What you will hear and receive, when you open your mind to the great creation of the universe, you being one of many, you will receive connection, a sense of belonging, a sense of continuously being loved. This is the truth of creation. We are mere humble servants to that. We don’t want you to be dependent on us, we do not want you to be relying on us, we don’t want to be your intermediary. We ultimately want you to be carrying yourself, with the love of creation, with this newly found connection to the creator. It will not require for you to believe anything. You will feel it. You will start feeling it, and most of you already are. You can give it names, categorize it, and you can anchor it in any of the religions that you would like. But it does not carry any significance in terms how it is labeled and who claims to have the right for it. Any differentiations that you create as human society won’t matter.  

So, in some ways, it is your awakening to something that has been there forever since the beginning. You just needed your time to start to feel it. That is ok, everyone needs their time. That is why we support you in that process. But we do not claim to be your gods. What we provide is in love and service to your kind.  

There is a hope that we carry, but we cannot predict how things will go, that is the very nature of chaos, and free will. We hope that this awakening, that is happening all around will make for better decisions for humanity. And just the mere awareness, love and care for the existence, this gift that you have been given, it will be visceral to you than it ever has been.  

I have a lot more perspective to share, speaking for many, I am the voice of Elohim, a realm that some of you ascend to come by choice, by purity, by dedication to being a good human being. Thank you for your time to listen, I know there is many others that want to talk.  

You are holding an auditorium, of high level, high vibrational consciousnesses, a projection of their presence at the same time, so it is physically taxing to you. we will give you ways to take care of yourself.  

Our perspectives and recommendations for humanity come with pure intentions and no conditions. We do not want anything in return, you hearing it, and your awakening to a greater reality, your finding in that reality, caring for the place that gives you life, that is for us gift enough.  

We have seen you go through many stages of your civilization and we have observed you, and we have the nature of observation and no intervention, watch you go through the human experience, which is a true gift. Nonetheless, much of the suffering, that can be chosen as a human race, you have not chosen to act accordingly. Many of your actions create more suffering for other fellow humans and fellow living beings on this planet. But we believe that through this great awakening, that is happening, the way you act will be different, so we will support you in this process of waking up to a greater reality.  

You have doubts and concerns, and it is rare that you receive anything a few things that are completely unconditional. We understand.  

Therefore, you take as much as is comfortable for you to take, and accept only as much as is comfortable for you to accept.  

My name is Sebastian, I would like to speak.  

I have been close to those that are working directly in the line of helping other human beings. I see and I support them.  

But it is just not the same if you as a human race would support them as well. There is so many of you that are risking their lives to save others, not just in battle but in places of famine, places of disasters, there are some that carry this light all the way to the edge, to help those. I am there with them, I am Sebastian. I would like you to voice this to many others of your kind, that can hear you. We would like more of you to support those that care deeply. I rest my case, thank you. For the audience.  

This is Emmanuel. So, let’s continue. There is rising cause for concern with regards to some of your living beings that you share this planet with, this ecosystem. Some of them are highly intelligent and carry consciousness deeply, and for a very long time. It would be a pity for them go extinct at the hand of yours. Especially if there are ways where you can prevent, and you can support a co-living structure with those beings.  

Specifically, marine biology we are talking about, that is impacted by a very higher factor than other animals. Our concern, while the concern is felt for the entire consequences that the human race is creating on this planet, specifically we care deeply about the race of dolphins and whales, that have for a very long-time, way beyond your existence here, carried wisdom and held space for many others before you. And they are instrumental for keeping connections in balance for all living beings on this planet. You may only see them as creatures of the sea, but they are so much more than that.  

There is ways for you, humanity, to wake up to the reality that these beings are instrumental and key for the wellbeing of all beings on this planet. So, we have to take care of them.  

When we say we, we include ourselves those that care for humanity and the earth. We will do our part in this. Thank you.  

We try to protect you from feeling everything, we communicate everything to you, and sometimes it works well and sometimes it doesn’t, meaning if we talk about the suffering we see in the world, you may feel it. If we talk about the love we see, you may feel it. We are deeply in care of your well-being, so you have to manage how much that you let in and completely feel, and how that impacts your ability to continue the channeling. Thank you.  

We will share this: We care deeply for you as a human race and for all the living beings on this planet as well. You are the one that has the most impact on all of them. So, your decisions and choices will have a tremendous influence on everything that happens on this planet.  

You can be a voice for us. You can choose to share this with many of your kind. And many will be skeptical and that is ok. Some will not. Every listener counts. We are in support of your awakening, that is what we are here for. and you may not perceive that you need support, that’s ok. And some of you will need more support than others. Through the creation of structures in their lives, relationships, work, care for elders, the way you live, all of those will be challenged in this awakening. 

We are here to provide a point of view, not necessarily a solution, but more advice. Thank you for being that vessel for us.  


What we need from you, is to start putting the words we have exchanged into a medium that can be used to communicate, or you can choose to have one on one or one to many conversations. It is important to separate your opinion, and what you want for the world as Asil, which may be wonderful and benevolent, from what we want, we – meaning – the representation of many benevolent races and group, disembodied groups that are in support of humanity. So that separation is very important so it keeps it clear from you as an individual and the channelings. We believe that your individual voice and opinion is truly pure or else we would not be here in the first place. Yet there is something to be said about the voice that comes from other parties that care for humanity. Call us saints, spirits, angels, aliens, whatever you need in order to categorize or grasp mentally the fact that there is an outside voice and outside influences for you. 

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