Channeling & Healing Session – December 31st 2017 (Bay Area)

Channeling & Healing Session – December 31st 2017 (Bay Area)

Healing Session

Thank you for your work. The work we do on you is beyond your understanding of what just happened. You have to give time for the body to catch up, as well the mind to catch up. But we promise you, that the work has been done on your behalf.

We do not expect anything in return. This is an unconditional gift from us to you. You really gift us by giving your attention to the host and his transformation as well as our conversations with you. 

You all have personal journeys and ideas and desires for your future. In the most humble way we would like you to look at your outlook into the future with caution. It is based on a concept of linear thinking and linearity which is what your body and your mind is programmed to act out. Therefore your prognosis of your future is often in a linear function, in a linear way. Everything else will be rationalized out as not possible or improbable. 

We see the linearity of time in a different way. Time, the way you experience it, is a lot more elastic, so to say. And maybe you´re observing a change, one of the changes that is already, currently, this plain is going through – which is the perception of time. 

Our advice with your future projections and thoughts is to leave the majority for it often for exponential growth. As well as major changes, social economic, natural, potential individual changes that you go through. It will make it easier in the future present for you to have left room and space for those things to happen than the broken expectation of what you wanted and you did not get. That is our recommendation for you.

Rest assured that you have assisted of the life and transformation of our host and we are, internal gratitude for the, always keep an eye on you and your progress. If you have any questions that you would like to have answered for yourself or on the state of your race, the place that you call home, earth, we can proceed now with questions.

Question #1:
What is the role of emotions in humanity’s evolution?

Excellent question, thank you. Emotions have been assigned to your function of biology to observe, to experience everything that you´re going through with an extra flavor. This extra flavor allows for the exponential adjustment of your being, for biological feedback of your evolution. So, all your emotions are part of an evolutionary mechanism for your species to continue, existing and learning. And in the meantime you get to have the pleasure to experience to what it means to have emotions. Thank you.

Question #2:
Thank you for this presence and for this connection. I have a personal question. What can I do for the healing of my father?

It is not easy to see loved ones go through difficult times. Your desire to take care of you as to take care of you is honorable. Yet, your unconditional love for him is more than sufficient. His desire and will to go through his process is going to be the key and driving force. Nothing that you can do will be the driving force for his evolution. Do you understand?

Be there for him in the most loving and compassionate way. Through his difficult time and through the good times, so he will have the fertile ground for his own evolution. That is our recommendation. Thank you.

Question #3:
Can you speak on the collective and the collective role in the evolution of humanity and the earth itself?

The collective consciousness of mankind, is unique in its evolution. Worthwhile to care for. We see the consciousness evolution in each single individual and the impact of each of that on their communities and families and in general in society. Consciousness is like information points for us. The consciousness evolution, that mankind is going through currently, is a critical one. Mainly because it has many conditional effects if you do not make it. Those effects will impact majority of your species and all other species on this planet, which we perceive to be a terrible loss. What it means to go through the consciousness evolution is an individually perceivable experience, yet also a collective experience at the same time. 

Those that are quiet and listening to the changes inside will be able to, will be able to feel the differences that are happening for themselves individually and collectively. The desires, the wants, the perspective of thinking, the perception of time, the importance of relationship, the importance of relationship to the planet – all of those will start changing. Those are indicators for an evolutionary step. Ultimately we would like you to start acting on these thoughts, that are merely a seed. The actions will make the difference, ultimately for your species. But most of you already know that. We will leave it at this for now with regards to the collective and the collective evolution. You are strong, you are brave. You will be in the frontlines of this change. We applaud that and we will support you the way we know best. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:#
To help humanity evolve is there a minimum number of people that we need to reach, to help them awaken?

The answer is yes, there is. Yet, the answer comes with a major understanding of a linear thinking and the potential changes with the amount of variables that there are included. So, even we were to give you a number right now, the number may change and the impact of that number may change dramatically. We believe that consciousness evolution does not happen in that linear way, does not happen in its directed way, the way humans have been operating. It works differently, more like the way nature has been operating. What we intend and we would like you to consider is to create the fertile grounds for consciousness evolution to happen. In families, communities, societies. The fertile ground for it, will allow for it to organically grow. There is no direct impact or change, that we can do in your thinking or your souls or your bodies that will suddenly will make you awake. It is a function of design in nature in this awakening it is an evolutionary step that is connected to your nature. By design you are meant to awaken at a certain time, when the conditions are right. So, we do recommend for you individually and these communities, families, countries, societies to create those conditions. Some of these conditions you already know, you feel it when you are together, you feel it when you connect deeply with each other, when you expand beyond the mind and the body and the emotions of the current state that you are. That is when you allow the organic evolution of the consciousness to happen. I am afraid I cannot answer your question with a direct number. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What is the emergent evolutionary woman?

Thank you for your question. We believe that evolution is not gender specific. Yet, culturally in your current state the importance of the feminine and the empowerment of that gender is a critical way to balance society. It will have many different forms, some of which are not necessarily healthy for a society. Yet, we believe that counterbalancing the actions of the masculine and the continuation of your evolution is important to be…

Apologies for the disconnection. The importance of the empowerment of the feminine gender is critical in the current time. In the overtime yet it will lose its importance as a critical change maker, as gender specific power imbalance will not be relevant. Does that answer your question?

Question #6:
Yes. How can we best support it now, while it is important?

The best way to support the movement by being a role model of the empowered feminine yourself. In your actions, in your interactions. In your relations with the masculine, in your relations with other feminine. In your relations with younger and older humans. Your actions will deliver the way you want to empower those around you. 

The more work on your aspects of being an empowered feminine with the support of those around you, that will be the delivering force for all those that are looking to you as a leader. As a signal of hope, as a symbol of growth and the equality and justice that they have been looking for. Thank you for your question and thank you for your concern for this topic.

Question #7:
Dear Emmanuel. What is the role of the intimate relationship in humanity’s evolution?

The intimate relationship is more than just chemistry and biology for your reproduction. It is a deeper function of consciousness evolution. Reproduction is a side effect of your species and clearly not a problem. The intimate deep relationship of two humans is the fertile ground for a deep connection between something that is beyond your identify of being a human, but it is part of your soul spirit system. Something that is touched beyond your understanding or perception in authentic, deep relationships. The intimacy is therefore critical for a merger and a continuation of your consciousness evolution. 

Question #8:
I`ve heard that there is an interstellar magnetic cloud outside the solar system, that we`re entering and that might be a large part of the shift in consciousness. Is there such a thing as this external influence on a shift in consciousness?

Yes, the answer is yes. The cosmological impact on your existence is a lot more than you can perceive or feel. Your change as a society and civilization is directly impacted by cosmological events. Some of it by design. The timing of your current ripening is in coordination with some of the cosmological events that are currently happening. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Dear Emmanuel, should I be concerned and involved in the current political system?

Social governance structures, that you currently have may be one of the major causes of your current state of humanity. It brought you short term comfort with a major long term price. Thinking and consideration is what needs to change. Changing alone the infrastructure will not be enough. If you would like to devote your energy towards infrastructural change you have to understand that you have to change behavior and consciousness, the way it moves, you have to create the fertile conditions for them to understand. 

Question #10:
Emmanuel, should we be worried about large solar flares effects on the earth in the next five years due to the interstellar solar cloud.

Your worries of events that are bigger than your ability to affect is irrelevant. So the answer is no. Consideration where to live and the effects of climate change for foreseeable events is important. Yet, you have to understand that there are bigger forces at play outside of your perception and there are bigger forces opposing and supporting life as it is. It is not for you to worry. I hope that answers your question.

Thank you for your presence and thank you for your work, that you are doing as individuals in your evolution, the work that you have already done and the work that you intend to be doing for, not just yourself, but the ones around you and your societies. We applaud you for the work that you are doing and we will support you the way we know best. Thank you.

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