Group Healing and Channelling Session – October 19th (Egypt, Cairo)

Group Healing and Channelling Session – October 19th (Egypt, Cairo)

Greetings, I am Raphael.Today you will be receiving our unconditional gift. An expression of our love for humanity. The healing that you are about to receive by my authorisation, shall elevate you to a new high in your existence. A completion of cycles, a deeper connection to the divine support in the work that you are doing in the world, your work for the human collective, for the evolution of consciousness. You have always been supported, watched over and listened to. Yet, with the changing circumstances of the current time, we have agreed to be more active in our assistance of the individual and the human collective. You shall receive the work of our collective in response to your evolution. Thank you.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to see you after this intervention. Some of you, not knowingly, longing for an opening of this depth and quality. We apologize it took us some time to get to you, yet all in the right timing. It is the perfect unfolding for your new reality; an expanded version, expanded perception, expanded awareness, a new understanding of identity. A new understanding of yourself, the part that is beyond your identity.

This is our gift. A path, an effort to guide you towards self-realization. A path challenging and most rewarding in the human experience. A path essential to the awakening of mankind. The individual carries the responsibility of the collective, and the collective carries the responsibility of the individual. One does not exist without the other, yet you have separate perceptions of reality. Your growth and evolution and individual will, through your connection to the collective, have an influence on their evolution. This is why the importance of our work is focused on each single one of you, beyond what you will and you can perform for all those that are seeking assistance.

There is a part of you that is not required to do anything. A part of you that is in a natural evolutionary path. A part of you that just requires presence. A quality of attention. Space for growth. This is the part that will naturally lead you to your self-realization. No particular practice is necessary. No particular tradition carries a preference on this process. No particular teacher is required. Just continue with presence and space for the divine to assist you. We are not your masters. We are not your gods. We are not better than you are in any way. We are merely longer in existence and have understood different levels of evolution and we have taken our responsibility to assist you in your currently most important evolutionary step.

What you refer to as ascension is merely a stepping stone to another form of existence beyond which there are many more steps, further ascension at given time.
This is the path that is laid out for human consciousness and you are part of it. We assist you in this process mainly because we know that this direction requires alignment. The more individuals that are awakening, are aligned, the quicker the ascension can progress and complete.

Do not underestimate the impact that your awakening has on the awakening of the collective. Do not underestimate the importance of your path, your actions and the quality of your presence. You have, one way or another, chosen to be here in this human form. You have chosen to return, you have chosen to forgo a different form of existence and you have chosen to be here at this very time in human existence. This is your choice and it has been granted to you to be here. You have been granted support in many different ways, including this one right now.

With the grace of all consciousness, with the grace of creation, you are gifted with this moment in existence and so you shall do your part in this evolutionary step. Thank you for listening to my words.

Your kindness and compassion for yourself will be mirrored by all those around you and their kindness for themselves. This is the key to peace, this is the key to relations that are pure.

This part of the world has seen tremendous influence of intelligent forces at different parts of history and impact on civilisations. This part of the world has been influenced by us as well. This part of the world was infused with support beyond measure. Support to reach the divine, to understand the realization process, the connection to the universe and yet, we have failed you. It was an effort to assist, not all efforts bear fruit. Our work is not always predictable, the outcome often is defined by your will, by the power of the collective, the movement of human consciousness.

Here we are again, in support and without guarantees for the outcome.

Know this: you are loved and taken care of. Until you have achieved this step of evolution, our involvement will now be much closer and visceral. Thank you for receiving this work.

I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How can we be of service?

Thank you for your question.

The service of the individual is the key aspect of your evolution. Your service to yourself, first and foremost, in our evolutionary process. Your path to self-realization, your path to completion of cycles, will be mirrored by all those around you. This is one aspect. Some of you have chosen to be of deeper service, beyond their work on themselves. They have chosen to be instruments of the divine, so forces like us have chosen to work with you and assist humanity through your service. This is the second way to be in service. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Hi Emmanuel, thank you so much for all this assistance, for sharing all the knowledge with us, it really makes a huge difference for our journey and thank you Raphael and for using Asil as a vessel for all this healing.
My question is – can you tell us more about what it means to trust that feeling and be in alignment? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. There is an aspect of you that is beyond the mind, that is beyond the heart, an aspect of you that is connecting to the consciousness of mankind. A part of you that has a deeper knowing beyond what the mind believes to know. This part of you, is the part that we would like you to explore. This part of you will carry much weight in your presence and quality of your work. This part of you will connect you deeper into the flow and alignment with the divine. You have been gifted with your mind, your heart and your body, to have the full spectrum of experiences and yet, these experiences, while valuable for your growth and the growth of human consciousness, can be a distraction on the path to enlightenment. Distraction in the sense that you may get caught in a cycle and loop that may take you many lifetimes to complete. Time is only now of the essence and carried no meaning in the past for human evolution. This moment in your time requires you, with more discernment, to be present more than ever. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Greetings Emmanuel. What is the message to deliver for this retreat?

This group of individuals will never convene again in this combination. This group of individuals will never be at the current state they are in. The circumstances of the environment will never be at the same state that they are currently in. You are moving in a unique way through this experience, yet, while so random everything is divinely calculated, orchestrated, supported and influenced in a benevolent way. This group of individuals shall receive an important milestone in their individual development. This group of individuals shall carry this impact on their lives forward for the benefit of many and the benefit of the collective. You have done your part in coming together and we will be with you throughout this process at all the places that you visit, that carry an important energy, important openings to other consciousness. You shall be supervised and supported to receive exactly what you need. Thank you for coming together in this way.

Question #4:
Can you help me understand that part of us, that eternal part, maybe you call it a soul when it decides to descend on this human, earthly realm – why do we tend to forget who we are and to sometimes easily get distracted by different stories? Thank you.

The way for human consciousness to evolve is continuously starting anew. Every single individual is a new experiment of consciousness experiencing this plane through the human form. It is an exploration you see. Every move, every reaction, every mistake is important for consciousness to grow and therefore, it is necessary for you to forget all that you know, all that you believe to be true, all that you know to form your past realities. This is a gift of a newly gained presence. Yet, in the human form throughout the steps of a new lifetime, one will find many ups and downs and some lifetimes will end without the closure of a learning cycle. This is still a valuable and important lifetime and it will carry the importance for human consciousness. Your life cannot be measured by your knowledge, or by the awareness that you carry, yet it will be measured by the depth of experience that you are willing to go. It will carry weight the deeper you go into understanding yourself, the part of you that has never been separate from creation. This may deliver a much broader picture than you may have anticipated. Yet know this – that beyond the words that I deliver for you, there is a connection to the human consciousness that you will gain access to. This does not require comprehension by the mind, it requires the tuning to the frequency and vibration of my voice. You will understand when the time is right. Until then, presence is the key.

Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Hello Emmanuel, thank you for being here and answering our questions. I have a personal question – there is a place in Egypt in the current Valley of the Kings, which is showing a lion in a rock. Is it an important place in my journey I have to go, also for this group?

It does not carry relevance for the continued journey that you as an individual are on. Yet it carries value of a past lifetime, a piece that is coming alive within you that wants to be discovered, wants to be re-lived, wants to be understood completely. This is not a requirement for your growth, understanding, and comprehension. All past lives that have passed, passed for a reason. Moving forward with the opening of presence will give you the most effective way on this path to enlightenment.

Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Can you share with us what is the divine compass that is behind all the pain that is in the world?

Thank you for your question.

Pain is one aspect of human experience, it is an inevitable experience, it is part of your evolution. Consciousness grows by your experience. Without the contrast and spectrum of all experiences, consciousness would not grow. Pain is regarded as information. Information for a deeper understanding of oneself, the collective and the universe.

The question is, how do you process this information? How do you embrace this information and what happens if you don’t? Pain has been part of human existence since the beginning and while you may perceive it as discomfort or a curse, it carries the utmost importance of this very plane that you are in. This plane can only operate in the spectrum of all experiences. Consciousness in this plane can only grow with the conclusion of pain as a source of information.

The key will always be understanding pain, digesting it for the understanding that it carries for the individual. This will result in learning for the collective, for human consciousness. This is the main reason for the pain that exists in all of humanity. Suffering is a different aspect of human behavior. When pain is not released or digested in a way – suffering will lock the human consciousness to the pain itself and it will remain in that place of re-experiencing the pain over and over again until the information is processed and the learning is compiled. Humanity has gone through many cycles of these learnings. Some things which were painful beyond measure yet resulted in major learning for consciousness. This is our perspective.

Thank you for the question.

Question #7:
Hello Emmanuel thank you for being here today. My question is how can we reach ascension without having to go through wars and chaos and blood? Thank you.

Ascension and the growth of human consciousness are two different aspects of human consciousness. Ascension is an evolutionary milestone. The growth of human consciousness is a continuous process – the continuous process of your growth will require the full spectrum of your experience, including those that don’t seem to make sense, including those that seem difficult, painful. Wars, the shed of blood, the death of many, just to prove who is right or who has more power, this is a painful lesson to have. Yet, it seems an important lesson that humanity is seeking and only upon fully understanding this lesson, wars will cease to exist. Until then, it will be part of your growing process.

The ascension, as a milestone of human consciousness growth, requires the individuals that are on a path of growth to move towards enlightenment. The self-realization of the individual in a collective will rise the entire consciousness to this new level. This is what we consider as the ascension of mankind. With or without wars, the self-realization process of the individual is always your autonomous right to evolve. You see, even within the biggest turmoil, some individuals have achieved this enlightened state. Now, despite the biggest challenges – you may still face in your existence – we may ask you to do the same. Continue to walk this path towards the light of creation and find yourself on the self-realization journey, despite the circumstances that are painful and difficult to witness. This will be your challenge, and you will have all the support to master it.

Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the presence that you have brought here today, it is our pleasure to support this part of human civilization. It is a pleasure to return to this part of the world and to be in direct interaction. This is only one of the many milestones we shall reach together and we shall continue to connect and grow collaboratively.

Thank you and blessing on your journey.

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