Group Healing and Channelling Session – October 11th (Dubai, UAE)

Group Healing and Channelling Session – October 11th (Dubai, UAE)

Greetings, I am Raphael.

The reason for our intensified work with humanity is an agreement that we have made a very long time ago as a collective of beings, to assist when humanity is at the time of awakening. It is an agreement that is coming to fulfillment now. So we are now returning to complete our part of this agreement; the part where we assist you to go through this transition. This assistance may include healing, guidance, energetic support and the resolution of karmic cycles. The goal is so that you in return can become an aspect of the awakening of mankind.

By you becoming more present, more whole and deeply connected to the Divine, you are an instrument of the Divine as well. Some of you have chosen to have a more active role in this transition. We support that effort as well.

Relax your minds and your hearts so that your souls can become fully present. Let the energy that I will bring to you fully be taken by your body and your spirit. Release all thought that doesn’t serve you, let go of the parts that you feel are complete.  You have done your part by coming here and opening yourself up. Your trust means everything to us. Our work is unconditional, it is a gift to you. May you receive it with many blessings.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

I am pleased to see you after your intervention. This is our gift to you. It’s an unconditional offering from our kind to your kind. Specifically now in a time of change for you, where every assistance could make the difference. Some of you walk faster than others, awakening processes start at a different pace. Self-realization occurs at a different pace. This intervention will, therefore, have different levels of efficacy for everyone. You have, though, chosen to come and receive and we applaud you for your choice. A part of you is listening to that calling, is listening beyond the ears, is listening beyond the heart. A much deeper calling. A connection so unique to human experience. A connection of you to the Divine, to your creation, to the Source of all creation. As part of human experience, sometimes it becomes unclear where you are from and what your purpose is and what the meaning of all existence is, in the first place. The mind has taken over, the heart longs to be heard, the body screams in pain, the mind continues trying to protect you. The part that truly possesses all the answers is never heard in this process. The part of you that is connected to the Source. The part of you that is connected to all consciousness.

Some of these answers do not require any words or comprehension with the mind. Some of these answers are felt in the being, integrated in a way that is subtle, yet visible by the depth of your presence. From this very place, many doors open: a deeper connection to yourself, a deeper connection to the aspects of your body and mind and heart and a deeper connection to all relations around you; loved ones, friends, communities, countries and other nations.

From the connection of your soul to Source, you understand that you have never been separate in the first place, that you all are truly one of a kind. Human consciousness having a material, physical experience in a gifted place that you call Earth. Everything provided for you, so you can have a complete experience of the entire bandwidth of emotions of joy and pain, of laughter and sadness, of anger and readiness. You are gifted with all experiences. In the moment of the experience, it may not seem like a gift. Some learnings take time to integrate or complete. Some learnings take lifetimes to integrate and complete. Yet, every learning and experience is worthwhile the wait, is worthwhile the effort, is worthwhile the patience. The human experience is truly a gift to you. This perspective may allow you to understand yourself better and to allow yourself to open into the full potential that you carry. Today we made an effort for you in that direction. May you carry that effort forward, this momentum that you have received, by doing your part in your life.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Why are you helping humanity in particular, as opposed to the other creatures on earth?

Thank you for your question. All creatures on earth are in support of the human consciousness to evolve into the next level of consciousness. All consciousness on earth has agreed to support this particular evolution. They indeed are in service to humanity by agreement. It is a relationship between the human consciousness and all other consciousness, in service to its evolution. Humanity has forgotten that this existence and all relations on earth are a gift and not to be taken for granted. We understand that certain aspects of the support on earth for humanity, when jeopardized, can create a ripple that would jeopardize all humanity. An imbalance that cannot be rebalanced by nature so quickly. This is when we assist, also for other beings of the planet, as we understand the fragility of certain ecosystems. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What’s the meaning of manifestation?

Thank you for your question. Manifestation is the understanding and alignment that all aspects of your being are connected to your material environment. In simpler words, when your mind, your heart, and your soul are in alignment, then every experience that is coming into being is coming from this alignment, it is coming from a conscious presence. Some experiences come without that awareness. It may seem random, they may seem like you are the victim for the subject of an experience. Yet there is always an aspect that you are connected to that assists, and the manifestation of this experience is often connected to a deeper learning. 

When there is a level of learning that is ready to come to completion, the alignment of your mind and your heart and soul will allow for the manifestation of aspects of your desires and wants. This is yet, though, a rather rare opportunity and most just can dream of this state of immediate manifestation. Some of you progressing in your awakening process will see manifestation and synchronicities much more often than others. Most of it is due to your more heightened awareness and some of it is due to the clarity of your karmic record. Does this satisfy as an answer? Thank you.

Question #3:
What will happen when the whole of humanity will be fully aware?

This is a fairly sensitive question that carries a rather speculative answer.
We have not experienced humanity in full awareness, therefore it is even for us a rather hypothetical experience. We estimate that upon achieving that state, humanity will change its form of existence and that the material plane will become extinct and you will continue to exist in a different form of plane and continue to evolve from that place onward just like we have once. This is an important evolutionary step. It may be sad for some of you to think about letting go of the world as you know it, or the body as you know it, or sadness you may carry for future generations to not have the ability to have this particular experience. Or you may feel a relief for the future generations. Either way, a complete awakening of humanity to carry its consciousness forward will make this particular experience obsolete and you will have a completely new form of existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How long have you been trying to help us?

We have been assisting humanity in various iterations of its existence and throughout multiple civilizations in this particular existence. It has been a challenging effort and to some degree filled with missing experience and missing understanding of the complexity of human nature. We have learned from your behaviors and we have learned to understand the growth of human consciousness. You are, from our perspective as well, a miracle of creation. We may have assisted at certain points, yet the outcome is never clear. We may assist again and still, the outcome is not clear. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Can the law of attraction override a soul contract?

Thank you. A soul contract or agreement cannot be overridden by thoughts, emotions or similar. The soul contract needs to be resolved or made obsolete by a higher power. This is sometimes possible also for yourself if you find a strong enough argument to find support [a supporting higher power] to make this contract obsolete. Does this make sense to you? Thank you.

Question #6:
Why do you say “we” and “you”? Aren’t we, at the end of the day, all part of the same energy?

Thank you for this realization. It is indeed true that we all are from the same Source, that we all will eventually return to the same Source. In our present experience, we are in a different plane of existence than you are. And you are in a different plane of existence and evolutionary step. Even though we have evolved for millions of years of your count, we have found allies and connections in similar planes of evolution and we have created connections with the understanding that we all serve the evolution of all consciousness. Still, we perceive ourselves unique individuals as part of consciousness, in the way we operate, in the way we comprehend creation. Let us say, it gives our existence a flavor, just as for you being human gives your existence a flavor. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How does ayahuasca and plant medicine work for humans?

Plants, plant medicines and the work with plant medicines have assisted humanity for many generations, as well as many iterations. It has allowed for doors to be opened, for other forms of consciousness to connect with you. Sometimes for the benefit of humanity and sometimes the opposite. All work to connect with higher consciousness, in an intensified form with plant consciousness, is to be regarded carefully and supervised with experience. We have seen the benefits and we have seen the difficulties it has caused for individuals or communities. We have as well benefitted from the plant medicine work that has opened certain individuals to us and we have also done repair work for individuals that have extensively over-used the work of plants.

The work with plant medicines and consciousness is not a pre-requisite for the work as an individual to achieve an awakening state and self-realization. It never was and it never will be a requirement and it will be up to you to decide the pace at which you would want your evolution to go forward. Does this suffice as an answer? Thank you.

Question #8:
Please could you describe “walking the path”?

The path for human experience has always been an unconditional spectrum of all possibilities on this plane and the learnings that result from these possibilities. The learning and the opportunities to learn have always been the steps for the individual as well as for the collective consciousness. This forward movement of every single individual in difficult and challenging experiences, as well as the challenging experiences of the collective and nations, has moved your consciousness forward, it allowed you to expand and grow.

Walking the path has been always connected to just being present in your existence. It is a path that almost walks itself, by truly being present to the moment and this is more relevant than ever in the current time that you are in. Your existence has shifted from purely experiential, to a focus on awakening, an accelerated focus. Not every human being will achieve this goal and it is not necessary for every human being to achieve the goal of self-realization. Yet, the forward movement and the direction of everyone will assist the collective to make this progress. Does this qualify as a description? Thank you.

Question #9:
What is the nature of time?

Time is a construct that assists you to experience the physical world as well as allow your design to be limited. The experience that you are going through is sought out by many different sources of souls. The human experience in a physical environment through time. Time is an essential construct to make this complete ecosystem work, without time this material plane would not exist. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What is ‘free will’ and do you also have it?

Free will is the aspect of your being that allows you to decide and choose directions of learning, and it allows you to choose the speed and pace of learning. Now, this choice is not always fully conscious, it also operates in a subconscious or unconscious way. Will is not always what the mind seeks in a given moment. Free will could be the desire of your soul to have a very specific experience. An important experience, an experience that is beyond the comprehension of your mind, an experience that is beyond the comfort of your heart, or the limitations of your body. Free will you may sometimes correlate to the mind, yet understanding that other aspects of your being have an equal and sometimes more profound influence on your will. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Who is an enlightened being?

It seems you are asking me about our definition of enlightenment. Humanity has certainly created its own versions and multiple variations of enlightenment. We understand the sensitivity of various cultures and times defining the word enlightenment differently and we want to be cognizant that our definition is not an overriding of those existing definitions before. The way we perceive enlightenment is the full understanding of the individual, its soul, to its relation to creation and the cosmos. In this one particular instance of full realization, the physical body ceases to exist. This is the enlightenment moment. All other human beings that you can see, feel and touch are in our definition on the path to enlightenment.

Question #12:
How can you know if it is your mind or your heart talking to you?

The mind and the heart have both their own agenda. Either way, we believe that both the heart and the mind are constructs that are important to your existence. The mind to protect you from experiences that you’ve had, to make sense of your environment, to make sure that you survive. The heart in a way allowing you to experience your environment in its full extent, all emotions guiding you, directing you in a certain way – often towards comfort, sometimes towards experience. Either way, there is a different state of presence. A state of presence that is beyond the mind and the heart, that is beyond thoughts and emotions. A state of presence that is connected to higher dimensions of consciousness. In this moment of quiet, your perception will open. Your perception to higher realms as well as your perception in human form. Appreciating the mind, appreciating the heart for their service to you, yet, understanding that there is a form of presence that carries an even more important aspect of your being is the key. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
How to feel the love in the heart?

Love to be experienced in this form comes in conditional ways and in unconditional ways. To experience love, there is nothing that you need to do, it is a natural process that is embedded in your being. All beings are born with the openness to receive and give love in the ways they can. 

If for some reason you are blocked to feel love, often a trauma or block has been created to protect you from a certain experience, so much that experiencing love was a worthwhile price to pay for protection. When this layer of blockage is removed, you shall see love does not require learning or ability, it just is there to be experienced.

Unconditional love the source of all creation emitting an energy that goes beyond all material, that goes beyond all dimensions, all layers of creation. This is the love of creation and in moments of deep presence, you shall experience the unconditional, the only true unconditional love of the universe. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
What do you need to do to achieve awakening, enlightenment and to be more present?

Thank you for your question. It is an important question that humanity has worked on for a very long time, in many forms of its civilizations and many different time frames of history and to different degrees of success. 

Our perspective is that humanity has managed to find ways for this path, ways that worked in its specific environment, in its specific culture. Some ways took longer some ways were faster and here you are looking for new ways. You will find that most of the ways to reach enlightenment are very similar. You will find the closer one gets to enlightenment, the simpler the techniques will become. Complexity drops [on the path] from awakening to enlightenment. The one single aspect that [you] can rely on is the depth and the quality of your presence. Everything that you can do to increase the depth and quality of your presence will allow you to move forward towards enlightenment.

What are the ways to be more present? Humanity has found even more methods for this and we recommend that you work with the methods that resonate with you the most, that you find the aspect that allows you to be present in your body for yourself. The aspects of your being, your mind, your heart and your soul where time stands still, where you feel the deep connection to the universe. This is our recommendation. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
Greetings Emmanuel. What is the relevance of the human Sadhana, of the practice of Sadhana of the human intention in achieving self-realization versus divine timing?

Thank you for your question. It is a very evolved and complex matter. All human experience strives for awakening and self-realization. This process is an organic expansion, yet it will require many steps in between. Some steps may not seem like forward movement, some steps may take may take a long period of time, some steps may take lifetimes, yet there is a will, there is an organic driver that pushes each soul [towards] enlightenment. Some are more conscious of this driver and they lean into this driving force and some are less aware, yet still are moving forward towards enlightenment.

Divine timing; certain experiences that you are having are timed exactly in a way that your soul will have the optimal effect towards enlightenment. Experiences timed in a way to not overwhelm you, yet be exactly what you require to grow. Some of these experiences specifically requested by you before you enter this form. Some of these experiences agreed by contract to happen at a specific time. We refer to divine timing as the experiences timed by contract or agreement. Thank you for your question.

Question #16:
What is the best advice you can give to prepare parents because the kids are already very awakened, so what is the best thing to do to help that awakening instead of destroying it with the human way of life?

Thank you it is an important aspect of humanity to reproduce and create new forms of life. An opening for a new soul to enter the times that you are currently in, the transition, requires a depth of souls that have already achieved higher levels of understanding and have moved much further than most of humanity. They are returning in large numbers and most human parents are currently not fully in capacity to provide the environment for these souls. Your concern is correct. For parents to be present with what is happening with their child is a key element. They need to understand that they are the stewards of a being way beyond their genetic make up, a being that has existed for many lifetimes before, that comes with comprehension and wisdom potentially beyond their own. To make space for this unfolding of wisdom, to ask for support and to raise the child in community. This is our recommendation. Thank you.

We are pleased that you have been open to receive this gift this moment in time, that has allowed us to come together, to provide you with some of our perspectives. To provide you the energy that we have grown and lived with for your benefit. To allow you a small step forward in your evolution, in your healing and in your growth. May this moment in time carry many blessings for you and those around you.

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