Group Healing & Channeling – Full Moon Session at Urban Tribes, February 19th (Dubai)

Group Healing & Channeling – Full Moon Session at Urban Tribes, February 19th (Dubai)

Greetings. I am Raphael. This work that you have come to receive is our unconditional gift to humanity. You are some of the first receivers of this kind, of our offering. Some of you have been walking this path of awakening and while it has been difficult, it has served you well. It may not meet the norms that society has created for you, yet deep inside, you are clear that you are on the right path.

This offering is another step in that direction. Your individual awakening. Your empowerment to understand that you are the most powerful being in your life. That truly all divine connections are available within you. That truly only the boundaries that have been made are the ones by the mind, the heart and the body. Yet, this aspect of you that you consider your spirit is truly without boundaries. This is the understanding that we want you to receive.

This awakening of mankind is inevitable. You are part of this awakening and life as you know it will change dramatically. The strongest aspect of your support will be the core that you have developed over the years. The peace that you have within is going to be the pillar to rely on.

Additionally, there will be those that will carry the light. Pillars that some of you are in society, carrying this light to be present for those that are going through this awakening period. Being present for those especially in difficult places, stuck in emotion and in the concepts of the mind, in the structures of society. Your presence will make a difference to those around you. Most importantly, it will make a difference in your life.

Thank you for receiving this work.


Greetings. Thank you for receiving this unconditional love of ours. It may bring forth some discomfort in this very first instance. Yet, the accelerated process of healing and evolution carries some short term side effects as the body and the mind, the heart, are not capable of changing this fast.

You will witness the openings that are created in the mid- and longer-term. You will witness the changes that this healing and growth will bring in your life. You are the vehicle of this divine light after all. You are the ones that can carry this unconditional love of creation. It is with you. You are with it. At all times. This unconditional love of creation.

[Interruption for Raphael to assist lady crying/ processing]

You are this vessel. Truly, unlimited in its capacity to carry this light that is for no one to possess. It is available in its unlimited form for all of existence, the love of creation. You have witnessed and felt this light today. It is for you and with you, at all times. You can never be separated from this light of creation. All conscious and unconscious existence – material and non-material, all dimensions – feed and nourish from this source of creation. An energy that permeates through all of existence.

The only limitations to receive are the ones that are made. Limitations of the body, limitations of the mind, limitations of the heart. Even though your vessel carries this deep knowledge, of knowing how to receive this continuous energy of the universe. The aspects that are learned, the aspects that are developed over time, aspects of self and identity, aspects of constructs of understanding your environment and reality, are the ones that truly become an obstacle to receive this light.

If you can, simplify your life. Find time for yourself, find time in quiet, understand your heart, understand your mind, all aspects that have made you who you are. Nourish and treat your body, the temple that you have for this lifetime well, it will be with you until the end.

Understand that each aspect of your environment is a reflection of who you are. With this reflection, it is an opportunity to learn, grow and complete cycles of learning and understanding. These cycles of learning will bring forth growth for you and completion. This completion will bring forth realizations. Realizations that will guide you in your process of becoming a fully realized being.

Enlightenment is truly achievable for all those that are alive. In these times, more than ever, you are guided and assisted. You are supported and you have everything that you require to reach that state. Will you create the space and the time, the priority of devotion and discipline to walk this path? Truly it is yours to decide and to choose how you will live this lifetime. Yet, there is no coincidence for you to be partaking in this intervention that you have received today.

Thank you for listening to my words and blessings on your path.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. This opening is a unique opportunity for us to witness our relationship with you. For us to deliver our love for you. For us to see you in your evolution and support you in those steps that are necessary. For some, these steps are difficult and complex. For some, it is a natural experience, a remembering. All of you, a representation of human consciousness. All of you are sacred and equal in our perspective, and all of you have the potential to be part of humanity’s evolution, as you are the representation of humanity.

Thank you for receiving this work and opening your hearts. This gift. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
When one is in a huge period of change within both career and relationship – how to get through these uncertain periods in one’s life and let go of any blocks and fears moving forward?

Change is inevitable. You are in the midst of change. Continuously applying comfort, convenience, and familiarity to this ever-changing life of yours. In times of accelerated growth and evolution, you will witness that all aspects you have around you to create familiarity, convenience and comfort will bring forth friction and complications. The inner conflict that you will carry – between truly surrendering and letting go of the aspects of your familiarity – this is for you to witness and understand. This inner conflict is yours truly to carry. While you have a choice in your life, in all aspects of your life. The flow of change, the stream of energy arriving in this plane is inevitable for you. You are part of this stream and change is part of your life. The more you hold on, the harder it will get. Understanding the being that you are beyond the identity that you have created for yourself. The identity that society has given you. This being is ready to truly come to the surface. All it requires is space. Understanding for you to surrender to this unfolding within you. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Please can you provide guidance when one feels stuck in a marriage? I have reached a point of crisis and doubt, but because of our children feel unable to walk away. But I have a deep craving for a soul mate and the recognition that perhaps I have not married the right person.

All relations between humans serve an important purpose of learning. Marriage and life partnership carry significant learning for each soul and those that have chosen these parents. These learnings will happen if you choose to live together or not. If you choose to separate or stay together. You see, truly there is no aspect of your life where you can truly make a mistake. All paths lead to evolution. All paths lead to growth. Some paths will bring forth pain and within this pain, you will have tremendous learning. Some paths will bring forth momentary happiness and pleasure. Some paths will bring forth comfort and discomfort. All of these aspects will be temporary. What stays is the learning and experience within. The most important aspect for you to look at in relationship, is your relationship with yourself. Are you truly happy with yourself? Can you truly live with yourself and stay in silence and what are the aspects with yourself that you have been seeking others to fill, to complete? I will leave you with this question. Thank you.

Question #3:
I’ve made a point to remain single and work really hard on myself the past 2 years, in order to become healthier emotionally and attract a healthier partner. However as soon as I meet someone I like, my fears and insecurities all come back. Please, can you offer advice around the fear of being vulnerable and how to overcome this when I’ve done so much work on myself already?

There is life. There is experience within life. Then there is death. Everything in between is [the ups and downs] of life, full of experience. Love, hate, sadness, anger. All spectrums of emotions that the identity is allowed to witness. When you understand life from this perspective, truly there is nothing that you could possibly lose. Every step you take enriches human consciousness. Every decision you make, no matter how you perceive and judge this decision to be, brings forth an important learning and lesson. When you find peace with the decisions you make in your life, the decisions that you have made in the past, you will understand that truly, being vulnerable is to surrender to divinity. This may be a practice for some of you, and it will be natural for some of you. Ultimately, you will see that life will become much easier for you to experience [when] you understand the aspect of surrender. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Do you have advice for those of us working as energy healers, how to avoid picking up negative energy from our clients during a session?

Thank you for your question. The work of healing and growth, the work of service for others, is an important devotion of certain individuals like yourself. First and foremost, you are always guided and protected in this work if you truly operate from this perspective of divine connection. The connection and its purity will continuously provide you with the protection that you require and if you understand that there may be disconnect or misalignment within you, the right step is to step back and realign. Reconnect and find this continuous stream of light within you. This will be the light to carry you through all difficult aspects of healing and support for others. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What is the best way for Mothers to strike the right balance in pursuing a career and their passion whilst bringing up children?

The peace that you find within yourself as an individual will translate to all relationships that you have. The peace within yourself will be the foundation for you to be the best version of yourself with all relations around you. Most importantly offspring – the ones that have entrusted to receive your guidance, your guardianship, your direction, your perspectives, and education. They seek to be within your space of love. They seek to be learning from you in all aspects. For you to find this inner peace and alignment you will know what the requirements are and you as an individual will be inspired by your offspring to become this best version of yourself. This may or may not be through work. This may or may not be through the way you are in all your relations. Yet, you will see – new souls arriving in your life will always bring forth a reminder to you that the divine is within you and it is seeking to arise. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How can I move from a level of consciousness to a higher one, and how would I know that I am there?

Higher levels of consciousness require a strong foundation of existence. First and foremost, the physical being as a support mechanism for the emotional and mental being as well as consciousness. This foundation requires energy and solidity. Only truly then can you reach higher levels of consciousness and higher states of consciousness. Humanity has found many ways for these states to be achieved. If you follow the steps with a method and a practice that resonates with you, if you truly set the foundation right and strong, you will witness and you will know when you reach higher states of consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Please can you advise how to overcome emotional blocks – specifically around expressing one’s feelings? I am finding it difficult to build relationships of any kind.

The human heart is a complicated aspect of your being. It will remember and carry trauma. It will remember and carry sadness, unexpressed emotions of anger, disappointment, and abandonment. Ultimately, it will form the identity that you are. It will influence how you live your relations, how you live your life. The aspects of your being that truly require observation are the aspects of the heart that have formed who you are. My recommendation to you is to find a space to go deeper into the aspects of your heart. Understand the wounds that have carried you for so long, wounds that you have carried for so long. Understand how these wounds and unexpressed emotions have formed the being that you are. You will see that with every step of exploration, your being will change and find its original state of an open and trusting heart. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Do you have any advice on open relationships, where one partner in a couple desires it and the other is not open to it?

Thank you for your question. Truly, all relationships are sacred in the human form. You may choose your partners wisely as they will be the ones affecting your life. Exchange of energy, wisdom, and information. This is who you are meeting with and while each relationship serves, there is a certain resonance that you carry that another partner will match, and the matching on two resonating hearts will amplify both of them. This is what to look for and what to nourish in your relations. We have no particular preference for how you consider relationships to be. Permanent or temporary, they all serve an important purpose. Your growth, ultimately. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
I would like to ask about Twin Flames in separation. I feel frustrated and stuck because I am doing all the work and he is not stepping up. My question specifically is about whether it is possible to liberate oneself? I understand that you can’t cut the cord in a Twin Flame relationship, it is like trying to separate from yourself. Please, can you clarify and advise?

If you truly perceive the outside world to not be ready for you then there is an aspect of you not ready for the outside world. All aspects of your environment are a true reflection of who you are. A part of you is not developed and refuses and resists this development and your partner is the reflection of that part. When you are [assuming] full responsibility for all your relations [that come] to you, you will see, that all the relations around you will adjust to who you are. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Please can you advise those of us who wish to change career path to one that is of greater use or benefit for humanity?

The path of service, as some of you have started walking and some of you intend to walk, requires the aspect of complete surrender. The aspect of truly finding the foundation that I have mentioned to you. The foundation of your body, your heart, and your mind. Truly connecting to this divine source of all existence. This light of creation will be the guiding force for your service. No matter how it translates through you, without this connection we don’t recommend service to others, as it only can be service to you. True service will unfold in the surrender to this energy of creation, as it works through you. Once again you will understand your aspect of service to humanity when you understand the aspects of yourself that are not in alignment. The aspects of yourself that are in the way for this light of creation to come through you. Can you step out of the way for this light to work through you? Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
How to attract positive energy in one’s life in all areas, whether at home, at work and with the people around us?

You are a being that resonates at a frequency. Your heart, your physical being, truly always emits a certain resonance. This resonance will attract other frequencies and resonance. When you find continuous adjustment of your heart and your thoughts and your physical being, your resonance will be at a higher frequency. This is what you often judge as positive. You will see that higher frequency will attract higher frequencies and truly only the adjustment within yourself will bring forth these changes. Some life situations, as well as individuals that have arrived, bring forth an important learning. It’s the desire of your psyche to complete an important aspect of your being. This learning must be completed. It must be embraced, before one can move on. This is the aspect of you that desires to grow and the circumstances, even though they may seem negative, carry an important inspiration for your completion. These circumstances, when avoided, will return in a different form and shape. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
What happens after death?

Thank you for your question. Death is a transition from this material experience to a temporary non-material experience, before incarnating in human form once again, if applicable. All steps in between are currently irrelevant for your life. Truly what matters right now is for you to understand life itself. The importance that it carries for your growth and your soul’s learning. The learning of human consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
How to overcome doubt when trying to follow one’s dreams?

Doubt is another form of fear. Fear of the unknown, the uncertain, the inexplicable and understandable. Here you are, a part of you trying to comprehend all aspects around you and fails. The failure of the mind to understand leaves an opening of fear. An opening of doubt. Self-preservation and survival [are] natural mechanisms of your being truly with you, in order to support you through life. A conscious and awakened mind will see that doubts and fears are aspects of the mind to support each step, and when these aspects of the mind are the obstacle itself, this awakened mind can observe, witness and choose to move forward anyway, despite the doubt and the fear. You will overcome the barriers that you have created. The barriers instilled within you through society and education are barriers that you can and will overcome. Some of it alone and some of it in company. Yet every single time you will see liberation, growth and a newly-found peace within yourself. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
I have a question about the Anthropology of Development – guidance specifically for those people working in the humanitarian sector, for NGOs and similar organizations that work to support the weakest in humanity. There is a sense of disillusionment and failure, mainly due to the various agendas that manage these areas – can you provide your perspective on how we could do it better, should we even be helping, is it even possible to help those that are less fortunate? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. All those that help and all those that receive help have made an agreement to learn in this interaction. The interaction itself is the aspect that carries the experience and the deep wisdom for those that receive and for those that give, equally important. What you are seeking is change. Change can be accomplished in many ways. Truly, the change that we erceive to be as the most important evolution of mankind is the evolution of consciousness. The awakening of mankind, the awakening of the individual, does not know and understand the barriers that are of the material kind. Even truly the poorest and the most unfortunate will be equally suited to go through an awakening process. You are all in the same process of evolution and as you become more awakened and realized, you will understand that the distribution of resources is a natural and necessary aspect of living on this plane together.

Thank you for your question. We have come to the end of this gathering. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you in this way and may this opening and provided light guide you in your life. May you serve all those around you and the ones to receive of your actions and your presence. Thank you.

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