Group Healing and Channeling Session, March 10th 2019 (Vienna, Schmida Institut)

Greetings. I am Raphael. In the face of challenges, the human mind has a tendency to assume it is punished, or [that] the obstacles are negative, that pain is the enemy. Yet from our perspective, all of this is the eternal balance created for you on this plane. The tension between flow, and not being in flow. The fine balance in which you operate as a human form is the opportunity of growth for human consciousness. You have been provided this programming in order to have a tendency to continuously thrive and survive. This mechanism of the mind has taken control and for many, it has provided the perspective that the challenges and the obstacles given to you as an individual, as a collective, as humanity are negative. They are part of what made you who you are today and as humanity.

Our gift to you is an assistance. A small moment in time where we provide you with an opening and an intervention. A perspective, so that you may come to these realizations yourself. So that you can become the empowered being that we see you already to be. Your growth and empowerment will empower so many others. Inspire and motivate those to see the way you see. To grow the way you grow. This is the nature of our work. Thank you for your openness to receive.


Thank you for receiving our gift to humanity. You are one of the first to receive this new way of delivery of our work. Ultimately, the empowerment of the individual will lead to the awakening of the collective and as the collective awakens, the probability of your ascension increases. A process that is inevitable for all of consciousness, the continuous evolution and expansion. You are at a key moment of your existence as human consciousness. This may seem far and distant to comprehend as an individual living a single human experience. Yet, you are the representation of the collective and the collective is a mirror of you. All aspects of your development, your opening, and your awakening are aspects of the collective. Your continuous work on yourself, the completion of cycles of learning within relationship, within self-perception, the continuous pathway of self-realization, understanding the identity that you are beyond what you perceive to be in this lifetime. These are the steps for an awakening individual and the awakened individual will ultimately lead to an awakened collective.

Thank you for receiving our gift. A small token of our appreciation for mankind. A small gift for you, to find the right pathway in this process of awakening. This work will continue beyond the process you have experienced today, it will receive its own momentum and the unfolding will be represented in all of your actions of your life.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. I have witnessed humanity go through many stages of evolution. Many stages of realizations. Many stages of pain and suffering. Understanding and losing sight. Learning and forgetting. Ultimately, always culminating and adding to its own growth. Just like within your life, every step carries a tremendous wealth of learning, even if not immediately visible or understood. Every aspect of your life has many facets that can only be perceived if observed from different angles. You have the ability to train and understand perspective. To stop for a moment in time before judging and acting. You have the opportunity to observe from many perspectives. This is a gift that has been given to you, yet very few truly utilize it. This gift has the potential to transform your life and the life of many others. Perspective is the gift that I will bring to the forefront of your mind today.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer any questions that you may have to me.

Question #1:
Thank you, Emmanuel. How to heal the collective trauma of a nation or people over several generations and how to complete the lesson?

Thank you for your question. The responsibility of the individual is only focused on its perspective, observation, and learning of this particular trauma. Its learning, understanding, and realization of this circumstance will ultimately feed and nourish the understanding of human consciousness’ collective and at the point of a critical understanding, the collective will shift and start to complete the learning of this circumstance. Trauma is a learning that has not been completed, pain that has not been transformed, energy that has not moved. Some of you carry the power to move energies like this. Some of you carry the power to heal the deepest wounds of your own soul and therefore the deepest wounds of human experience. All challenges, all trauma, all suffering is surmountable. All aspects of human experience feed the greater understanding of human consciousness. The time it takes is the time that you need to complete these lessons. The first step of understanding and bringing to awareness that the pain and the trauma still exist, is an important [one]. From this step, many others will follow and the completion of the circumstance will be inevitable.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #2:
What defines this as an important moment in our evolution of consciousness?

Thank you for your question. The aspects of your existence have partially been planned. The circumstances that you are currently in as human consciousness are part of the evolution that must occur. The timing of this awakening and ascension process is as well part of a greater plan. Yet within this period of time of existence, you have had all experiences that you could desire and want in order to grow and to learn as human consciousness, and the time has come for this matured consciousness to finalize its experience in a physical form, so that new lessons may arise in a different form and shape of existence. This time is important, as it is the finalization of the human experience in physical form. Human consciousness will continue, yet in a different plane and existence.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #3:
How can we humans protect ourselves from 5G technology?

Thank you for your question. Many aspects of human creation are truly not healthy or in balance with the fragility of your existence. This includes technology that you have created and we have witnessed that many aspects of technology have proven itself to be important lessons, even though it may include the suffering and the difficult challenges of many to walk this path, so that the learning may occur and complete. Human experience is fragile and in this fragility, many elements that you create, the circumstances that you experience, are aspects of the learning itself, including technology that you may perceive as dangerous and harmful for the human body, the mind. We have no further perspectives on this topic.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #4:
Is it possible for human beings to complete tasks in this life and if yes, what happens afterward – a life without pain or the end of life?

Thank you for your question. A human incarnation may include many lessons that may or may not be able to be fulfilled within one single lifetime. Some of these lessons are inevitable and must-learns. Some are not mandatory yet good learnings for the path ahead. The completion of lessons, the completion of learnings, does not constitute the end of a lifetime. It will open an entirely new field of possibilities for the soul to be in service – in service to others learnings, in service to the collective evolution, in service to its own continuous evolution. This is a process that many have gone through before, and you as well can. Thank you for your question.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #5:
Is there a strong connection between certain places and certain human beings?

There are indeed many places on this planet that are open and connected to higher planes of consciousness. They provide a stronger bond, energetic connections that have been made either by the influence of higher consciousness like ourselves or by individuals that have created the ability to connect to higher realms and established openings. Strong places of energetic lines on this plane, the crossings of many energetic lines itself, the establishment of many places of worship. Many opportunities to experience a stronger connection to higher planes and to the divine.

Some individuals have through practice and continuous development established a stronger connection within themselves. This is the ultimate evolution and possibilities within the human form. You have truly all abilities to connect to the divine. Just like this host that we work through, all aspects of his being have been within the confinements of the human form, yet the abilities that he possesses are any abilities that you can possess. It is the blueprint within your existence and as you move continuously in your awakening journey, you will understand that truly the gift that you have been given of the human form carries many hidden treasures. This will ultimately be the strongest and most powerful connection that will serve you to the divine. Thank you for your question.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #6:
How can I protect my energy from negative influences?

Thank you for your question. In its most basic form, the human form carries a natural ability to protect [itself] from external influences. The way to establish this continuous protection is to maintain balance within. Balance within the human body, the physical functions within the human heart and within the human mind – these aspects will in alignment provide the strongest protection that you can see. Yet certain circumstances outweigh the ability to be protected from [them]. These extraordinary circumstances cannot be avoided. In some cases, circumstances of cosmological nature may bring energies into this field that your human form is not prepared to experience. For this circumstance, our recommendation is to continue to establish a strong core, a strong alignment within. The spiritual practice that you choose, that you select for yourself, that you continue to maintain, will allow you to establish a stronger field around you. This field will provide you with the best potential protection that you may have. Thank you for your question.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #7:
Is it good to take over some tasks from other people that are facing challenges, or do we take away their lesson?

It is important to understand that the lessons of an individual are chosen by the individual beyond their conscious mind. Their soul has decided to have these learnings. It is important for this soul to complete this learning. In some circumstances, others will be involved in completing the learning itself. It will be very apparent for others involved that this learning is part of their learning and their agreement to complete with this other soul. A contract that is beyond space and time. Yet, understand that imposing to assist where no assistance is necessary will take away your attention from the learnings that you require to have and from the learnings that the other requires to complete. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this gift of ours and for listening to my words. May this work fulfill the important steps of your life and deliver many openings to you and to those around you.

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