Elohim Transmission – Listening to the Call Within – Sep 3

Greetings, we are Elohim.

You are the one that has chosen to live this human form, as it was offered to you as a potential of growth, learning, and service; an experience uniquely established for human consciousness as a collective to evolve through the individualized forms that experienced the human form. And you, as an individualized soul container, have had the opportunity to live other forms before this human form. And many of you have experienced the human form through many cycles, yet seemingly, and by design, this life that you live, this identity that you hold, is the most important, the most significant, and the most relevant at this moment in your experience of life.

And by design, the memories of past lives and past forms of existence are suppressed until your consciousness has evolved to a point of understanding and being able to receive the many lives that you have lived, the many forms that you have held, until your consciousness has expanded to truly embrace the non-dualistic nature and the collective nature of consciousness.

In this human form, and in this life that you live, you will witness the ebbs and the flows. You will witness many challenging moments of growth and evolution: significant learnings to be had, significant realizations to emerge. And as the lessons provide themselves through the experiences in relationship to yourself, to others, and to all of existence, you find yourself with the great opportunities that have presented themselves to you. And every moment in this life is a result of this structure [which] provides great potential for learning and evolution.

You may witness challenges emerging, and wondering about a life without challenges at all; desiring a state of being that is consistent, never changing; desiring specific emotions over others, desiring circumstances over others, yet what is presented to you, and the life that is emerging before you, is truly a request of yours, the soul container that you are requesting great opportunities for learning.

And while in the moment of the challenge, the moment of this opportunity to learn, you may find yourself resisting, you may find yourself overwhelmed, potentially in fear, potentially in sadness, potentially in despair. Yet despite all the emotions that arise about the moment that is before you, the greater truth lies within this challenge. Who are you? Who is the one receiving this moment? Who is the one experiencing this moment, and who is the one receiving the benefits of the realizations ready to emerge from this moment? And as by design and its nature of the human form, you may identify with who you are as the identity that you have assumed in this lifetime. And this identity may hold specific meaning and interpretations, wounds of the past, and perceptions about the moment.

Yet as you feel, sense, and expand the understanding of who you are, beyond this mere singular identity of this lifetime, you start to notice and embody the vastness of your being, the vastness of a soul that has chosen this specific identity, this specific moment for an important learning, ready to receive, ready to learn, ready to realize, ready to evolve. And as you expand your understanding of who you are, even beyond the soul container that is held within this human form, you notice all that you are as a collective human consciousness is part of you, and you are part of human consciousness, collaboratively creating and experiencing this human form, this human life in all its intricacies, beauties, and complications.

The challenges that you experience in all moments that emerge are opportunities to be witnessed with the mind, with the heart, and the physical form. And all parts will play an important aspect in portraying their perspective, interpretation, and meaning of the moment, their judgments of the moment, in order to provide a full experience of the moment itself.

And beyond these initial sensations and judgments of the moment, a deeper understanding, a deeper realization will emerge. The soul container that you are will start to communicate with you, in subtle ways of knowing, intuiting, and trusting, first. A moment of clarity will emerge as the mind quiets, as the heart quiets, and as the body finds stillness. A subtle knowing and understanding, a greater awareness of self will embody you. And in this very moment, you will see yourself in the moment of challenge, the challenge itself, and the many challenges before and after as mere gifts of this existence and of this form that you have chosen.

A significant call from within will start to communicate with you: a loving voice, an unconditional voice, the voice of care and compassion, a voice of true acceptance and trust will emerge, untainted, unflavored, by emotions, by judgments and opinions of the mind, unwavering and untethered by the sensations of the physical form.

This voice will speak your soul’s purpose, the moment’s purpose, and the potential of realization in this very moment. And continued expansion of your consciousness will allow this voice to speak even further, allow a true knowing to become part of who you are, a consistent part of who you are. The direction that you take in life, the choices that you make, will be guided by this voice from within, a voice that emerges as a result of your acceptance of the moment being the gift itself, of the moment being chosen by you, expressing that trust in existence, embracing the human form in all its nuances, all its gifts.

While emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations will always be part of your human experience, as this call from within, as the voice of your soul becomes integrated, you will start to notice the strength and stability that exudes from your being, a new alignment establishes itself within you, a clarity, a trust, and a love, a frequency of alignment, allowing for thoughts and emotions and sensations to be, yet still holding the core of your being in alignment. Despite any challenge, despite any emotion or strong mental constructs or strong physical sensations, this voice, in this moment of silence, is your greatest ally.

In moments of intensity, this voice will be tainted by thoughts, emotions, and sensations. The human experience itself is persistent. An expanded awareness and consciousness will allow you to listen to all aspects of your being as an observer, allowing yourself to receive the human experience in its full expression. Yet how you respond, how you act, how you react, will be determined from a place of alignment. This voice of your soul, emergent as the call within, will provide a new perspective, will provide an expanded understanding of the moment, an expanded understanding of life itself, the unfolding of life and the possibilities of life.

And while the mind is established and trained to think and operate in linear ways, the voice of your soul operates in different ways, non-linear and non-dual, a supportive, loving voice, allowing yourself to be in peace, no matter the circumstance, no matter the challenge, consistently guiding you forward. A soul that has determined to choose the human form once again will seek learning, realizations, and opportunities to be in service. The guiding light of life, the guiding light of your soul becomes part of who you are, becomes part of your extensions of thoughts, of words, of expressions and emotions; it becomes an extension of your actions. And this voice of your soul becomes a gift to your life, and all of those around you, a gift to humanity.

Many of you will wonder how to find this voice within. Some of you will wonder how to discern the voice of the mind, the voice of the heart, from the voice of the soul. Many of you will wonder, what is the next step for you in your evolution, in your self realization, and in your service. Many of you will request someone else to guide you and to tell you what to do, how to act, how to receive, and how to be. Many of you will seek approval, validation and confirmation. Many of you will seek certainty and guarantees. Yet beyond all that you seek is this gift right before you, right within you, right now available, merely requesting a deeper state of silence and receptivity, an expanded state of awareness and alignment, and the voice will emerge with clarity, one step at a time.

Even the most subtle expressions, the most subtle ways of knowing peaceful states from non-peaceful states, aligned states from non-aligned states, quiet states from not-quiet states will become a great guiding force for you to start this journey of integrating and expanding, of receiving this voice of the soul, of making it part of your life, your journey as a soul, your self-realization process, and your service in human form.

And moments like these, of collectively or setting time aside for yourself to find this moment of silence, of expansion and depth of alignment, will be precious moments and steps in the direction of the awakening within. And all that you are will become all that you will be present to. And all that has occurred in the past, and all that may occur in the future will be here in this very moment, fully embraced and integrated in the totality of your existence. And you will move through life trusting and receiving, responding and creating. The awakened soul will continue its self-realization journey, will continue to find natural expressions of service, natural extensions of its being to create.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. Our work is complete.

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