Elohim Transmission – Conscious New Beginnings – Jan 7

Greetings. We are Elohim.

Time, again and again, allows you the opportunity to recreate, reinvent, and re-establish yourself as the being that you choose to be, consciously. All aspects of life — yet most importantly, the mental conditioning and the mental construct, how you perceive yourself — keeps you as the individual that you are, as the individual that you perceive you will be, as the individual that you perceive you can be.

Therefore the limitations are established by the mental construct and the conditioning of what is perceived to be possible for you. Dismantling this conditioning happens over time, as also the perspective of reality and the perspective of others is established through the same conditioning that holds you in place.

A continuous and consistent change is the appropriate and stable transformational process that a human being can undergo. Dismantling your perspective of reality, dismantling your perspective of yourself, is therefore a natural and structured way of transformation.

The person that you are today, the way you perceive, the way you observe and evaluate reality; that person is not set in stone. That part of your consciousness that defines who you are is malleable and able to change, transform. Therefore the greatest being that you can be, the greatest potential that you can hold, is truly within the perspective of self that you can change.

This perspective of self requires a deep exploration of yourself, a deeper understanding of who you are, of all the learnings that haven’t completed, of all the realizations that require to be seen, all the emotions that haven’t been felt and require to be felt, all of that within you waiting to be seen and observed by you. This is your greatest gift to yourself, to see yourself, to observe yourself in the most neutral way that you can find in the moment.

Humanity is undergoing a great transformational process, a process that is accelerating, moving through the human consciousness like a wave — a wave of transformation, a wave of energy, a wave of potency. Every individual will respond in a different way to this wave of transformation, yet every individual will be challenged in their perspective of self and their perspective of reality.

The constructs that have established this mental construct that you hold today will lose in their potency, and this will allow an opening of change, a release of the conditioning of the mind, an opening of the heart, a greater sensitivity to existence beyond the senses of the body, a greater understanding of this physical form that you hold, a greater appreciation, and a greater care for this physical form that is your temporary vessel, your temple-sanctuary for this lifetime.

This year, just the way the coming years will be, will bring forth great potential for transformative moments for all of humanity, for all of society, and for all individuals. How you receive the transformational impulse will always be yours to determine and to develop. Your ability to receive an impulse as an opportunity for growth, your ability to receive an impulse as fuel for expansion, as fuel for realization, this is the pathway of self-realization.

Every aspect of this reality that is presented to you, including all relationships that are presented to you, bring forth impulses and opportunities to expand, to learn, and to grow. In these moments of self-reflection, self-observation, in these moments of realization, you will witness a greater potential that becomes available to you — greater choices, choices about walking life in a specific way, in your own way, in your conscious way.

And the parts of you that have, for the majority of your lifetime, carried out life for you, on behalf of you, the parts of you that are incomplete and hold unprocessed experiences of the past, will be held with great love and appreciation. These parts will rest. These parts will relax and allow your true-self to come into your being, your true-self allowing you to witness consciously as life is unfolding, choosing consciously the great possibilities that are available to you. And every moment becomes a moment of redefinition of who you are. Every moment becomes a possibility of a new beginning.

In the exploration of life, and in living a traditional human life, you will be faced with many obligations and commitments that you have made for the future ahead, a future that is unknown, a future undefined. Yet, your commitment and your obligation has been placed, narrowing the possibilities of the future that is unfolding for you. It is appropriate, with every moment of your conscious awakening and your conscious presence, to re-evaluate your commitments and your obligations for the future, even those that you have made a long time ago.

The person that has made the commitments, that has received the obligations, is no longer the same person. You have transformed, you have changed, and in this very moment you are a new being. Some commitments will stay the same; maybe the reasoning for the commitment will change. Some obligations will stay the same.

Yet the potential of consciously choosing yourself in the moment, for the future that you desire, as the person that you are today, is your power, is your gift to yourself. Let every day, as the sun rises, be an opportunity for a new beginning. Revisit commitments and obligations that you have made with great consideration, with great awareness, and with great love.

The commitment you make to yourself is and will always be the most important commitment to life: the alignment of your mental construct — the mind — and the extension of the mind into consciousness; the alignment of your heart — your emotional construct, as well as the extension into your spiritual construct; the alignment of this physical body, the awareness in detail of its needs to operate in [its] highest possible functionality; and the awareness, the activation of, your energetic body.

This greater awareness that you hold will be your guiding light to live a life of alignment, a life of awareness, a life of empowerment, choosing who you are becoming every moment, choosing who you can be and expanding the possibilities every moment. And all that you have observed of the past of yourself, every experience that you still hold unprocessed, maybe with shame and guilt, can be now witnessed with greater ease, without the emotions attached.

This non-dual self of yours observing all that you are, the creative aspects of your being and the destructive aspects of your being, all the influences that have made you who you are, all the experiences that you have witnessed and received. Life, as it is given to you, is yours to claim. The past, as it is given to you, is yours to transform. The future, as it is given to you, is yours to write.

Welcome to a new, conscious beginning. The beginning of a new you. A beginning of a new reality. A beginning of a new human experience. And allow your transformation to be the transformative light and the creative force of change in others’ lives.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

[Adjustment work done.]

Thank you for receiving our gift to you. And may the changes that you have invited into your life expand in the best possible ways for you and all of those around you.

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