Q&A with Emmanuel – Aligning for Accelerated Evolution – Dec 3

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

The evolutionary process that humanity has been undergoing since its seeding is currently at a process of acceleration: The sheer amount of souls entering this human plane, experiencing [the] human form, informing human consciousness in its evolution and its maturity; every soul that enters anew will be infused with the new matured levels of consciousness. Every human that enters brings their own learnings, their own experiences, from this and many lifetimes before. The culmination of all experiences contribute to the evolution of consciousness of humanity as a collective.

This acceleration of evolution will bring forth experiences rarely seen in the greater collective of humanity. Time, as a perceived linear concept and dimension will shift to be truly a subjectively experienced reality. You will notice certain periods of time moving at a great speed, and moments of deep presence truly slowing down to barely any movement of time at all. And at will, your perception will bend the experience of time for you and those in your immediate environment.

Therefore, collective experiences can truly be shifted to be a momentary sanctuary, a momentary experience of significance. Just like this experience that is held for you in an energetic container is to provide the safe and the expansive nature for your consciousness to unfold, for you to experience the non-dual nature of your existence, the collective nature of human consciousness, while not forgoing the individualized being that you are, experiencing and sensing the non-material aspects of your being while being in material form, witnessing the dimensions that are experienceable in this human form, and other dimensions only experienced through the non-material aspects of your consciousness.

You are expanding beyond the standard operations that you have known to be. You are learning to see what it means to be human, yet in an extended, in an advanced way of operation. While the standard operations of human existence can provide lifetimes worth of learnings, infinite complexities, the time has come for humanity to understand and experience this expanded and advanced version of themselves.

Can you hold the ability to witness non-material realms, the probabilities of timelines, the probabilities of many lifetimes before and many lifetimes to come, all at once in this very moment in your being? Can you allow yourself to experience and to hold the energies of this Earth, the energies of your environment of this Earthly plane, and of the many planes of existence above?

And this sense of connection, this sense of connectedness — what emotions, what thoughts and experiences does it evoke? Are you at peace, experiencing the greater power that is within you, intrinsically yours from the beginning? Are you experiencing curiosity or anxiety at the prospect of the unfolding of holding this power or others to hold this power? Have you found comfort and trust in your ability to hold a greater power of your existence and others in their existence?

These are questions, yet not to be answered with the mind; [rather], to be answered from a place of greater alignment within. An inner knowing, an inner trust will emerge from within you as you find yourselves in these states of existence more often. Your connection with others, your capacity to love, your capacity to listen, to witness, and to hold all that is emerging within your environment will increase: your capacity to see others in their greatest light and in their greatest dark will increase; your capacity to witness duality as it is moving through this plane of existence, as time and space is moving through this physical form of yours, from a place of non-duality, witnessed with grace; your ability to feel this Earth and its consciousness as it evolves, as it increases in the expression of its love, in the expression of its energy; your bond to all of existence viscerally felt in this human form; a greater trust in life, a greater trust in existence, allowing you to witness life from a new perspective, with a new lens of observation.

You are the witness and you are the creator. Every observation is co-created through you and others that seek to observe this circumstance. A collective decision at times that humanity seeks to understand itself and reality and consciousness.

The changes that you will witness in human society, the changes you will witness within yourself and all your relations are changes that you will embrace with trust. And no matter the fears that will emerge, the projections of the mind of the worst case scenarios, the projections of the mind of the fear of loss, the loss of love, the loss of life, are mere illusions.

While fears themselves serve an important purpose to realize, in the moment of deep presence, fears are teachers to be observed, acknowledged, and cherished for the purpose that they serve. Once this acknowledgement is complete, they will cease to bring forth their lessons, and you will find yourself in an expanded state of trust, of love, an immersive feeling beyond emotions, beyond sensations and beyond thoughts: an expanded sense of being human, of being a consciousness in human form.

This acceleration of growth, this acceleration of evolution, you have prepared for through many lifetimes and through many experiences before. And every relationship in this lifetime has provided for the learnings and the realizations to support you in embracing the accelerated evolution of consciousness, in embracing the evolution of humanity, embracing your evolution as a human and as a soul.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
“Last December, we were presented in transmission that awakening souls will reach a ‘critical number,’ a ‘critical mass’ in relation to our conscious evolution. Can you comment on the relationship between critical mass, overcoming karma, and accelerated ascension? Thank you.”

The human mind would like to understand how, how many, when, and if, yet the complexities of readiness to evolve, to truly be present, to embrace this accelerated form of evolution, is beyond the mind’s ability to fully comprehend. Yet understand that every individual that is on an awakening journey and truly consciously chooses this journey, truly embraces the potential that is held within them, is part of supporting the entire collective in this evolutionary process.

Challenges will be faced with greater ease as many embrace a conscious evolutionary process. Experiences had in relationships will intensify, yet the relationships themselves will serve the awakening of the individuals. How the individual operates, experiences and receives these impulses will make the difference in the awakening journey of the individual and the awakening of all of humanity.

The awakening souls themselves will provide support for others facing similar experiences. Collectives, communities, and infrastructures will be established to support the awakening individual: awakening collectives, awakening societies. This is a process that is undergoing all of humanity, an inevitable, a consistent expansion of humanity’s consciousness. The ‘critical mass’ that I have mentioned before is about the collective’s conscious awareness of itself and conscious operations through the individualized humans.

Conscious choices will be made, together, for the benefit of all of humanity. An understanding of impact, an understanding of deep consideration, an understanding of the connected nature of all of existence, will fuel these decisions to operate and live on this human plane, on this Earth. Yet even without the critical mass, individuals can start making conscious decisions by themselves, and as groups of individuals, as communities, as collectives.

And you will make these decisions with a greater alignment found within. You will notice if your decisions are aligned, as every expression carries a frequency of operation. This is the power that you hold, and this is the power the collective holds when united, when aligned together. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
“In my healing practice, the biggest obstacle is often for people to believe that they are indeed not separate. Learning to trust that the universe, which seems very impersonal, is actually benevolent, seems like a giant leap. People are fearful of moving into a heart-centered lifestyle. How can I empower my clients to see the power of their hearts and trust that they indeed are never alone?”

When faced with fears of the future, when faced with the pains of the moment, when faced with the pains of the past, the only option that remains is surrender. Trust is the only true option to truly embrace the power that is within. The collective is part of you, and you are the collective; yet you are allowed and entitled to have individualized experiences, individualized feelings, thoughts, and expressions.

Beyond this individual expression of yours, can you see your power emerging from within when you exude greater trust, when you allow yourself to be held by all of creation? Your expressions are not obsolete; your emotions are still relevant despite the trust exuded. Yet now your expressions will emerge from a place of conscious action, conscious alignment, and conscious choice; no longer flavored by the fears that you hold within, no longer flavored by the fears of your ancestors and of past experiences. You become a full expression of yourself again, and an extension, an expression of the collective; an extension, an expression of all of creation. This expression can only be held with the trust to all of creation, the trust that you are worthy of this love and of this power. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
“As my own evolution process accelerates, how do I stay connected and relate to family, romantic relationships, and business colleagues who are stuck in fear, resistance, and pain?”

Every individual will mature at their own time, at their own terms of growth, at their own requirements of safety and surrender. Your journey of evolution, your journey of growth, shall not be influenced by the choices others have made for their journeys, for their evolution, and for their expansion.

Yet you will notice that the fears of others may initiate fears of your own — deeply embedded, yet suppressed in this moment of time — fueled by the immediate environment around you, and you witness the influence of your immediate environment on you. You witness and observe how you have held on to those fears yourself. You relate, yet you no longer express from this place of fear. You choose a new path of presence, a new path of expression, and your choices, and the way you hold yourself in the presence of others, will impact them just as they have impacted you.

They will see the greater trust emerging from within you and it will initiate and catalyze a greater trust within them. Yet at first, they may find themselves even more challenged than before, and your presence might be correlated to the challenge that they’re experiencing. Yet even the projections that they will have on you will phase out as you hold your alignment and your love for them and all of creation, your love for their evolutionary journey, your love for who they are in this life, at this time. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
“Many of us are extremely tired of this long evolution process, especially in these recent times of great change, where everything is so intense and often distressing. There’s a feeling of ‘spiritual burnout.’ Do you have any advice to support us in the game of endurance?”

Emmanuel:We recommend that you focus on the things that truly fuel your inner alignment, your inner peace; the things that you have known that have had a positive effect on you, sustainably.

First and foremost, nature itself, in its pristine form. Knowing and embracing that nature evolves without a conscious effort, yet naturally expanding in its environment, naturally evolving; this nature is you and you are part of this nature. Allowing yourself to surrender to this process will no longer require you to utilize energy of your own, allowing yourself to be carried by the evolutionary waves that move through this plane, without the internal resistances that you hold.

Therefore, merely finding moments of silence will give you energy and peace, will give you a sanctuary where you can truly be all that you are. These are my recommendations for those that have found themselves fighting against, or for, a specific outcome.

What if you truly relaxed into what is, and allowed yourself to observe all that you can see of what is, allowed yourself to see all the judgements that you hold, all the energy exuded to make ‘what is’ different? The first step is to learn how to be, and in this step you will have succeeded when being provides you a greater level of energy than it drains [from] you. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
“How will, and can, religion and belief systems that have followed a specific, and at times narrow path, adjust to this accelerated evolution or will it become obsolete?”

Emmanuel:Humanity will continue to operate in belief systems until the very end of its existence. Yet the choices of what you believe will change. Your perceptions of ‘what is’ and ‘what can be’ will expand. Therefore, any narrow frameworks of perception, narrow understandings and structures of the past, will no longer apply to the expanding mind, the expanding heart, and the expanding soul.

The original intent of many belief systems will still be relevant and will still infuse many individuals with direction, with solace, with peace in their journeys. Yet understand that the power will always lie within you, and all constructs and belief systems that are emergent from power being not within you will be challenged by the awakening soul, will be challenged by the awakening mind and the awakening heart. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
“Can you speak of the potential that we are able to shift into the New Earth timeline through raising our own individual vibration? Thank you.”

Many timelines and probabilities exist concurrently, yet all your actions, all the ways that you have understood to walk this human life and reclaim your power in this very moment will influence which of the infinite timelines will be followed. Yet the the timelines themselves are not set; they are mere probabilities. The expansion of consciousness is significantly more complex than the human mind can comprehend in linear ways.

Therefore, the focus will be, first and foremost, on yourself, on your immediate impact to others around you, in your immediate impact to all of humanity. This is the way you will assist all of humanity to lift into their individualized power, and into the collective power that you hold consciously.

A byproduct of this journey is an increased frequency of presence, an increased frequency that is held within the expressions of your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. This increased frequency is felt by others as they touch upon your words, your emotions, and your expressions. Your frequency impacts the frequency of others. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
“I work a lot with the consciousness of Gaia’s water. Can you please speak more to how we can work with the consciousness of our internal waters to assist us in accelerating our ascension? Thank you.”

Emmanuel:The consciousness of water is an extension of the consciousness of this Earth. You are infused with this consciousness of water. It moves through you as water moves through all living beings in physical form. Understanding that you are a vessel of this flow of energy and life force, allowing yourself to truly be purified by the waters that move through you, consciously knowing that this purification is taking place every second of your reality, a natural and organic way of cleansing and purification is taking place.

Yet consciously, you can choose to truly embrace and allow the consciousness as well as the energy of water to move through you. Allow it to consciously impact all that you are. You will witness the power of this energetic flow that the Earth provides, expressed in the life force of water, and received consciously through your human form, will make a difference in the way you live. All parts of your life will be infused with a greater understanding of life force and aliveness. Just the way [as] in nature, when water moves and energy flows, nature flourishes in its great expression of aliveness. This is you, and you have the opportunity to make yourself and your immediate environment as fertile and as alive as you can be. That is your choice and will always be. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
“What are the side effects from experiencing accelerated evolution, and how can we best navigate through them?”

Emmanuel:Some of the side effects that you will experience will be changes of the way you perceive reality, the way you experience relationship, the way you experience time. Some of the changes will be the expansion of sensitivities, of senses beyond the human senses that you have known. Some of the changes will be an activation of your sight beyond the sight in human form, the sight of non-material existence, the sight into the probabilities of the future, the sight into the past not known.

All of these expanding capabilities, all of these natural byproducts of your evolution may find the existing ways of operating challenged. Yet allow yourself in the moment of overwhelm to rest. Sleep will allow you to readjust your perception of reality, your perception of yourself, and the perception you have of these unfolding capabilities, gifts, and byproducts of evolution. Accept them as something that has been dormant within you is now coming to surface and to activation. Embrace them as an extension of who you are and you will notice that these extra senses, extra knowing, extra perception, will become an extension, a gift of who you are, a gift for your life, and a gift for all of those around you.

Many individuals will witness these expanded versions of themselves sooner than others, and in different ways and different forms. This is not meant to be an evaluation, a comparison, or a competition, yet a natural unfolding of how you can serve yourself and all of humanity by embracing that which is unfolding within you, by embracing the gifts that have been yours since the beginning. Thank you for your question.

Thank you, Emmanuel. Thank you for your time and your wisdom and insight.

Thank you for listening to my words. Understand that this perspective provided is meant to support you, is meant to allow you to see your reality with a greater potential, with a greater possibility; that every word, every piece of information shared is meant to empower you in your journey of evolution.

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