Group Healing and Channeling Session – November 18th (Vienna, Austria)

Group Healing and Channeling Session – November 18th (Vienna, Austria)


Greetings. I am Raphael.

This healing today was provided to you due to the changing circumstances in the human plane. This is a direct interference, a direct intervention of our kind with your kind. Only rare occurrence in history has made this possible, including this time – a time of change for humanity, a time that you have decided to be part of. Not just as a participant or witness, yet deeply involved.

This awakening of mankind is happening. You are part of it. Your awakening is part of it. Your awakening is the reason why this awakening can happen in the first place. Your path to self-realization, your journey to truly understanding who you are is what will fuel this entire awakening process. This change is assisted by many forces, including ours.

This work today will have many impacts on your life in ways that cannot be described – consequential ripple effects of this particular moment. We have agreed to assist humanity in this way. A gentle help for you so that you can see this light more clearly, the light of the divine, the light that is within you, the light of all of creation. 

For some of you, this journey has been ongoing for decades, for some of you years, for some of you lifetimes. The journey to self-realization is not focused only on one lifetime itself. Many iterations of your existence will try to rise in their energy and frequency. You will have the full life experience of a human experience and still, you will realize that life may have more to offer than just living itself. This is the start of the realization process and your awakening. Your realization will inspire those around you, it will impact all those that are seeking, that are lost, that are in the dark. You may be the light for them, you may be the assistance that they need.

The work we do is focused on empowering you as an individual. We do not seek to be your masters or a new form of gods. We have come to assist you to see, for you to see the full potential that you carry. This is your time to be your own master. This journey will require dedication, devotion and sometimes discipline and sometimes surrender. Most of you know these words already, yet inherently this truth spoken by us may impact you more than your own thoughts will impact you. We speak to the being inside of you, the light of creation, not the identity that we see in front of us. You are the divine and perfect creation. This is what we see. One day you may see this is as well in all the others that exist in your plane. The divine perfection that they are, the divine reflection that they are for you.

This healing will require some time to complete, up to 10 days. Your physical form, your emotional form, and your mental construct will need time to fully adjust to the changes made today. For this, you will require rest and quiet. May you continue to receive this gift and deliver it to those that may require your presence. Thank you for receiving our gift.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. The work of unconditional love you have observed today, this is given with respect and love to you. There is no requirement of belief, there is no requirement to return anything to us. There is not a requirement to even receive this gift, yet you are here and open. The part of you that called you here is the part of your soul reaching for its awakening. The understanding that you are more than your identity and the being that you see in the mirror. You are far more than that.

Human consciousness has evolved to this very point that has reached its maturity. A point in time to change its existence. Some of you have chosen to be part of this time by agreement before you arrived in this iteration that you are. Your request was granted to you. Some of you are in service, some of you will be. Yet, not by requirement, by choice. By the innate desire to be part of this grand awakening of mankind. We honor and respect that choice. We support all those that have chosen to be in service. So that you can be even more effective in the way you work.

Time is of the essence. Every moment that you see, that you experience, is divine and sacred, offered to you in every moment you make the choice. How to experience your presence, the quality of your presence will give you an eternity of experiences in the moment. With this quality of presence, you will develop a power beyond any human life has experienced.

This is just the beginning for some of you. May you continue to walk this path, for your own good and for the good of those around you. May they receive the benefits of your work. May you carry this light forward to all those that require, especially to those that are afraid to ask, especially to those that are in the dark, with your being, your heart, the compassion that has been given to you, so that you may choose to share this beyond your choosing. You see, willingly, openly, without conditions, the more you give, the more it will be given to you and you then shall become a vessel of this light.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Hello Emmanuel, thank you for being here, thank you for answering our questions. Please also may I say thank you to Raphael for the healing tonight, thank you. My question is – there is a lot of separation in this part of the world, especially in the last couple of years due to a lot of immigration – I would like to know your point of view on what is unity in this part of the world, in this regard?


Thank you for your question. Separation is part of the human experience. This is an important aspect for you to understand: that you are allowed to have this unique individual experience yet, for you to find your way back to the understanding that you are one of the same. The realization that you will find on this journey will allow you to see yourself in all that exists. This is a growth process that cannot be accelerated, it cannot be forced upon. It is a realization you see, it is not a part of wisdom or knowledge. This is a true knowing and understanding.

When individuals reach that point – you will see – they do not see themselves different from any of those around them. This realization will have an effect on those that are touched by this perception and they too will start realizing that they are one of the same. No separation by age, gender, color, region, not even separation by the source of the universe you are from. You are human consciousness having a physical experience, to learn and grow. Will you manage to learn the understanding and realization and unity in this iteration? This remains up to you. Thank you for your question.

Quesitoh #2:
Hi Emmanuel, I have another question – as you spoke about unconditional love, that this healing was offered with unconditional love. How can we invite unconditional love in our lives and how can we embody it in the best way?

Unconditional love, it is the love of creation. The love that exists through all dimensions in the physical and non-physical all of existence unlimited by its source, untethered, unconditional. This love is part of you and you are part of it. It is omnipresent. When you quiet your mind and your heart you will in time sense this omnipresent love of the universe. This is part of you, it always has been. You are and never will be disconnected from it. It cannot be possessed or accumulated.

The only way for you, is to become present to it and when you do, this presence will allow for this love to come through you and those around you will see and experience the way this energy and love is present with you and it may inspire a spark [..] inside of them.

This is how you can truly embody the love of creation. Presence, a deep quality, that you can achieve in this lifetime. Many forms of love discussed, observed and experienced by mankind already exist, none of them though the unconditional love of creation. This love and energy of the universe carries a different depth and quality to it. All of existence, the dark, and the light is fuelled by this love of creation, this energy of source omnipresent for all of existence, for all of consciousness. It does not require a heart or a mind to experience this and the heart and the mind may be in the way of truly experiencing it in the first place. Presence is going to be your key. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Some people have several special talents who also face many problems, many challenges, which do not allow them to live their potential. What is the meaning of our life, or what is our task? Is it to solve the problems and development of our soul or to live our potential and how are they connected?


Thank you for your question. The wide-ranging question of the meaning of life, the purpose of life itself, is a question humanity has wondered for thousands of years since the beginning. The experience you are having as an individual is the current iteration of a soul container over time, coming to this very moment. Some of you have lived many lifetimes before, accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and learning. This in return has fuelled the growth of human consciousness.

Every human life serves the human consciousness in its growth. All your experiences are part of this growth – the ones that you perceive to be positive, as well as the ones that you perceive to be negative. Some of these experiences will last multiple lifetimes to be completed. The learning and understanding, the realization, the completion of one of these cycles may be quick in your perspective or seemingly eternal. How long each of these cycles of understanding and realization will take is truly depending on you and the circumstances that you have created to master this task. Yet know this; that all aspects to fully understanding, [..] realizing and to facing this challenge are always given to you, they are present with you. The challenges are not given unless they can be mastered.

Talents and gifts are the result of mastering challenges in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. They may then serve others and yourself in continuous challenges to grow and understand. You see, every bit of growth will continue to fuel more growth.
And some of you have consciously returned to be of service, in greater service than just having a human experience. For this, you will require to attain a level of self-realization and understanding before these gifts can fully unfold before you can receive direction and guidance on how to focus these gifts.

Some of you may intrinsically know that they are here to serve, that these gifts require to be seen and delivered, yet the guidance and assistance for you to forgo a completion of a human life can only happen upon special circumstances or the completion of your learnings for this very lifetime. At least the essential ones. This will require you to lean into your life, to lean into the challenges that you are faced with, to embrace all broken relationships, to embrace all aspects of yourself that are in the shadows, to embrace the burdens of your ancestry and your lineage. You are the one to clear this path for many generations that have existed.

It is now in your hands to make peace and harmony within your self first and foremost so that this can complete as well. You will see a new opening will arise for you upon achieving that point. We are assisting humanity in achieving these milestones even faster. This work today is one step in that direction, yet it is not merely a passive step for you, it will require continuous effort on your end. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What lessons have we not learned yet to reach our full potential, not only for the benefit of ourselves but those around us and the cascade effect to those around those?

There are core realizations that humanity has not fully embraced. I will name a few for you and you may choose which resonate with you.

You are divine perfection and life is a gift for you to experience what it means to be separated and individual.

The light and the dark exist in equal balance in harmony and continuously serving you.

All actions and inactions are considered sacred and therefore equally important for the learning of mankind.

You are not your mind, you are not your heart, you are not your body, you are not your soul.

You are an expression of the love of creation in this very form of human consciousness.

These are some of the realizations that are easier communicated than truly understood. They will be pointers for you though to focus and remember when you find yourself challenged. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Servus Emmanuel. Would you be willing to share with us the still unanswered questions that you and your kind are asking yourselves about your very own existence?


Thank you for your question. It is a wide-ranging question and the answer may be simplified in this form of communication. Existence has existed much longer than we have, therefore many questions still are open for us about the source of all of creation. The true understanding of grand consciousness and its expansion of consciousness behind grand consciousness, in the first place. These are questions we have made peace with and once we have devoted our existence to assist consciousness in its growth across the universe and in different planes we have found purpose in our existence and the questions we have had unresolved, became irrelevant.

Question #6:
Sometimes we talk about life as our own creation and sometimes we talk about life as if it’s destined as if it’s predetermined and somebody else is making decisions. Can you share a little more about those two different attitudes and perspectives and how they link, if they do, or if there is one or the other?


Thank you for your question. The experience that you are having is created for you mostly by yourself and in collaboration with others to have an experience as well. There are aspects that are considered milestones to be achieved in this very lifetime and experiences and circumstances will return for you until this milestone is achieved.

You may call this destiny, yet it is merely a pattern to return you, to refocus on what you have agreed to resolve. All other aspects of life still are open to experience. The full breadth and spectrum of life is available to you. You truly can direct most of your life yourself, by your will and choice of your mind, of your heart, as well as by the direction of your soul. Does this answer your question?


Sort of, because there are some moments that we don’t think you create but kind of end up dealing with, so in order to move on in life we turn them into your creation to come up with the lesson and to come up with the milestone that you might have encoded in life. But it doesn’t really answer the ultimate existential question – whether it is divine intervention, meaning it is destiny, so it’s something completely out of your control or whether it is something you have created, to begin with.

You may be overthinking this life experience. The most important aspect of experience itself is the completion and learning and growth. All forces and influences that have [impact] on your life including those you have in your life participate in your learning. You may take credit for it yourself if you like so, or you may credit an outside force for it if you like so. The result is the same. It is learning and growth so that you may continue for this next challenge that arises. Thank you for your question.

I would like to ask a question about specifically romantic relationships and the concept of soulmates which you have spoken about already and don’t need to clarify with regards to it being a soul contract for lessons and growth.

I wanted to ask specifically about twin flames as there is so much spoken about that at the moment and whether it is our invention or do they exist? In the sense that we understand them, as a type of soulmate connection where there are two souls that are split and have a mission to meet in this lifetime for a higher purpose. Is this real or something we want to believe? If you can clarify the different definitions, please.

Upon certain circumstances, a soul container may split into multiple parts to have experiences that are divided by its pieces in its individual form. These pieces may find themselves [in a particular iteration of a lifetime] independently and may recognize the mission that they have. This may constitute as a soul mate or as you refer to it as twin flame. It is not limited to two parts, it can be multiple parts or none at all as a split is not necessary and not common in the first place.

The second part of that question is – is it necessary for those souls to come together to complete their purpose and if they don’t come together does the purpose shift to an individual one?

No, there is no requirement for these parts to come together. Each of these parts can resolve the entirety of this soul challenge by themselves and alone. Yet, might find an easier path to completion together. Thank you for your question. 

What else can I answer for you?

Question #8:
There are some professions which are connected to the very material world. Can we say that there are wrong professions or is there also a meaning for that, for the soul growth?


All professions and actions carry learning, meaning and growth and realizations for the individual and for those that are impacted by those professions. Some seek deeper meaning and understanding as they awaken in the actions that they provide to the world. This is a natural occurrence of the awakening process, yet do not mistake awakening for judgment. Awakening is a realization of the divinity in all. Judgment is separation. You will know when you listen to your mind and to your heart and to the way you perceive your circumstances and the circumstances of the world. You will find divinity and self-realization in any aspect of your life and in any action that you perform.

No specific profession will bring you to a self-realization faster or slower. The key for that journey is truly finding space and time for yourself, the quiet of the mind and the heart. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Why is it – maybe its just my perception, maybe others are different – but from where I stand I see a lot of people being alone and sad and desperately, so back to relationships. Why is it that seems to be the latest trend and why does it seem so difficult for people to connect to one another and form a meaningful relationship?

Thank you for your question. Your observation is correct. Humanity has found more important priorities than unity and collective experience. Separation and the aspects connected to it – loneliness and sadness – are an important period of your realization process and the learning from it will result in growth. The learning from it will fuel new forms of collectives, of relations, of healthier bonds between humans of all kind.

Understanding that relations are sacred and the most important aspect of unity humanity must overcome. The perception and the learnings of education and knowledge that are contradicting this first understanding. The depth of your connection to yourself in the first place will drive the depth of your connection to those around you. Relations will carry more weight, they will carry authenticity, they will carry transparency, they will carry compassion in this form of unconditional love. Yet, you see, this also cannot be learned or delivered to you by words. It is an aspect of your understanding and process that you must go through yourself to find this realization. And you will. Thank you for your question.

The work you have received today was our gift to you and you may see the effects of it in days, weeks, months and years to come. We require no gift in return. We ask you as you receive the benefits that you may share with those around you. We ask that you embrace the true divinity that you are with love and compassion for yourself first and foremost and those around you. You will see a new opening will find its way to you. Thank you for your time and listening to my words.

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