Small Group Healing and Channeling Session – November 11th (Dubai, UAE)

Small Group Healing and Channeling Session – November 11th (Dubai, UAE)

Greetings, I am Michael. The healing you received today is more than just a healing. It is an adjustment so that you can move faster on this path of awakening. This is a requirement as circumstances are pushing for humanity to awaken faster than its standard evolutionary pace.

The awakening of the individual is, therefore, an important requirement for the awakening of the collective. Your path to enlightenment, self-realization, is, therefore, the most important aspect of humanity’s evolution.

Your connection to all of creation is to be found within you. Tracing back this connection to the source of all is your path to awakening. Many layers and many aspects to overcome – the mind, the heart, and the body. Many aspects of relations – your relation to yourself, your relation to your environment, your relation to the entire collective. You are more than just a human form. When you start realizing that, you will see the path will unfold almost naturally.

This is our gift to assist you on this path. For some, it will require healing of many different aspects of human existence. For others, it is more focused to connect them to higher levels of consciousness. This is especially relevant for those in service of the awakening of mankind.

Some of you have particularly requested a lifetime of service. We welcome those and support those with our deepest respect. My work today is complete and it will continue further in this shape or in other forms. Thank you for receiving.

Greetings, this is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to see you after this healing. You have come this far walking your own path, relying on yourself and on those around you to bring you this far. Very few of you have had direct connections to [divine] powers to assist you on this path, yet here you are. We have been with you. Yet, the circumstances did not allow for deeper interventions and interactions. This was the agreement made, to let humanity ripen to this very point that you have come to, now. Time is of the essence. This far you have come and you will require assistance for this last step of evolution. We are here to assist in this very important evolutionary step for human consciousness.

Your soul is the perfection of creation. Your existence in human form is perfection in creation. In culmination, you are having this gift of experience, full spectrum of all that you can experience in the human form. All experiences are considered sacred. All experiences contribute to your growth, to your evolution and to the growth of the collective. This experience of separation from the collective will show you a perspective of identity and will allow you to reunite once it is over.

Humanity’s biggest challenge, finding unity in separation. The most important step in this task is finding the source of all within you. Once you fully understand that all existence derives from the same source and from all, the source of all, you will see that unification will not be far for humanity to achieve on this plane. 

Unity from realization of existence is different from unity through facing the same challenges or the difficulties. Yet, they both lead you in the same direction. One will lead first. The challenges you will face as a race, as a human collective, will unite most of you. Beyond facing challenges, you will understand and start to realize the source of all existence within you. This will unite all of you.

Our hope for humanity’s evolution is high and we trust that with the support of divine powers including ourselves you will succeed. Thank you for listening to my words.

Time 11:11:00 (for real!)

I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Hi Emmanuel. My question is, can you tell us what love is and what can we do as a human – even when we are never disconnected from love – what do we do when we feel that we are disconnected from love and that we are lost? Thank you.

Love is the essence of all of creation. It is the unconditional love of creation. The energy that flows through all dimensions and planes, unlimited, untethered and accessible to all of existence. Love will therefore never be separated from you, it is part of you. All aspects of you are connected to this unconditional love of the universe. This is the true unconditional love that we perceive.

Humanity in its experience has considered various other forms of love that are equally important in finding learning and growth. This is considered conditional. Aspects of understanding self-love, aspects of understanding the love of a parent, aspects of understanding the love of a partner and aspects of understanding the love of your environment. Many important pieces, to truly find your path towards the one unconditional love of all creation. 

When, and if, you are tuned into understanding that source is within all of existence, you will start seeing this unconditional love everywhere. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Hi Emmanuel. Enlightenment – does it mean loving thoughts?

The process to enlightenment is the path to self-realization. This path has many steps before growth – healing, inquiry, and self-realization through the many aspects of understanding. Your realization to all of existence are the steps for you to discover. They will require different levels of surrender, different levels of contemplation, different levels of quiet. At each of these levels, you will be able to complete previous cycles that keep you from the next step and it will allow you to open the door to the next step, on this path towards self-realization. Ultimately, you will see that this is an organically evolving process, that the effort is not by conscious push. It is rather a stepping out of the way. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Hi Emmanuel. What is that next level of consciousness you mention, that humanity, that we, are expecting now?

This evolutionary step that humanity is going through will open up a new plane of existence for you. A new form, a new form that will allow you to experience higher levels of consciousness from a different perspective. This plane will serve you well. It has allowed you to experience space and time and relations, sensations, emotions,  pain. All of these aspects of the human form and this material plane will cease to exist and you shall experience life in a different form, on a different plane. This is the evolution […] of mankind’s consciousness. Thank you for your question. 

Question #4:
What can we learn from our emotions and especially, what is the purpose of anger?

All human emotions are built and designed to give you the balance and spectrum of the human experience. They allow you to see in different colors and perspectives. They allow you to perceive your environment and yourself in so many different angles. This experience of emotion will give you the space to learn and to grow. For the growth to happen, the emotion needs to be completed in its expression. Only then realization of the mind can happen and beyond the realization of the mind, the realization of the soul will then eventually complete the circle of understanding. Once this cycle is complete, new learning and experience may arise for you and similar, you will go through the motions of human experience until this learning is complete as well. Anger is just another aspect of this learning process. An aspect of emotion. A color to add to the spectrum of human experience. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How can we serve you and humanity?

Your desire to serve is noted. The way to truly serve is to continue your awakening process. Your completion of the cycles of learning, your inquiry to deeper levels of consciousness, deeper levels of realization, your journey inward to the source of all of creation is what truly will make the difference for humanity. As you walk this path you will impact all those around you. As you continue to awaken and follow this realization process, you will not just help yourself, but all those around you and all of consciousness that will benefit from the evolution of human consciousness. Thank you.

Question #6:
What is doubt? Why do we as humans go through moments of doubt and how can we navigate through such moments?

An aspect of the human mind, to understand its circumstance and environment. A way to keep you safe. A way to keep you living. The mind has that one purpose – to keep you as long as possible in this very experience that you are having. Doubt is an important tool for this very aspect of human existence and doubt will also show its value as you overcome it, through faith and surrender. The challenges that are created by the mind and by the environment are for you to overcome and each challenge that is overcome will lift you into a new perspective. Doubt is, therefore, an important barrier to be overcome. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What is [a] vortex?

Humanity refers to a special energetic place as a vortex. It is a connection of multiple energetic lines or a place of special circumstance that has created an energetic imbalance. A vortex is often used by humanity to harness energy and transmute other energies. Often, this energetic space is used by divine powers, like ourselves, to access human consciousness and the human plane, as the veil to our consciousness is much easier to connect to. This is how humanity has used vortices to establish structures of belief and faith to access the divine much easier.  Vortices change over time. Some of them will be closed by divine powers like ourselves, as they no longer serve humanity’s evolution. Some of them will be reassigned to a new purpose, to serve a new objective. This will continue until humanity’s evolution is complete and you may find a new opening on your evolutionary step at those places. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How is the evolution of the consciousness of humankind tied to the evolution of the consciousness of the earth and the earth’s elevation?

Thank you for your question. The earth has served humanity in its incubation – from inception to growth, to evolution. This has been your home and this has been your mother. Yet, once humanity has evolved beyond the human plane on earth, the earth will start to be home for a new form of consciousness and space for incubation for a new life. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How do you work on separation and how to avoid it?

Separation is an aspect of human experience. The moment you are born, the moment your soul container is established in the human form, you are experiencing separation – identity, yet always connected to source and the human consciousness collective. Separated, though still united. This perception of separation is an important perspective to have on your path to realizing that none of you are truly separated. The way separation will truly manifest is through the mind and the heart. It will manifest itself in your emotions and your thoughts, in your judgments. When you truly find space to quiet your heart and to quiet your mind, to find this peace within, you will see the sense of being separate will vanish along with the judgments and the motions. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Can somebody pass away and be born again through a mother in one month’s time?

The return of a human soul into human form can be as quick as one day. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
What is needed for an individual to let go of what is not serving them anymore, or not serving them well on their journey? Do they have to be on the path of least resistance or do they have to die before they are reborn?

The completion of cycles of learning will happen once the emotion is expressed and the learning is understood, the growth is appreciated and the mind finds peace in the experience. These steps will normally unfold naturally. Yet, how long you stay in each step remains up to you and the way you handle the challenge that you are given. You may request assistance along the way from other individuals, as well as from non-material existence. All tools are provided to you in your environment and in your circumstances. All challenges can be faced, or you would not be given those challenges in the first place. If the challenge cannot be completed within a lifetime, it will continue to exist in the next cycle of creation. This is the way the human experience has been designed and it will continue this way. You are the master of your experience, you are the author of your story and all experiences that you face can be overcome by yourself. Thank you for your question.

This has been an honor for us to provide you with this healing and perspective. We don’t perceive all our knowledge to be universal truth, merely our perspective, and through the experience that we have gathered for much longer than the human form. We believe that our perspectives may serve you in your evolution. Continue this path of growth that you have been given. Receive this opening that you have been gifted today and continue to carry this light forward to all those around you. Thank you.

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